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  1. Pnp Breaking news: New Toon North took a TS city

    In New Toon North camp right now And ... Radlick Wanda DanBang DavidHarryDad Former Toons founder Meanwhile, in TS council
  2. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    Not long ago, in Grepolis world, there was a team of friends They played in a countryside competition called Nicaea Sunday League They won some matches They even won the league They felt so good They started thinking bigger. "Let's go pro!" They reinforced the team as Nicaea all stars...
  3. Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    Once upon a time, there was a legend as he self-advertised: Handsome ... Smart ... And have magic ... Of course, he managed to gather a fan club A small one to start with ... When the boys and the girls had their school break, it got bigger ... And bigger ... Everyone was eager to...
  4. Happy holidays

    The holiday is coming. Time to leave all the banters behind and cheer up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every players of Emporion and the forum mods. Wish you all a great year ahead both in game and life!
  5. Alpha - Stop crying

    Uh oh, Alpha failed to take a city from our beloved OldMexicanGuy and immediately many of their players sent Mex PMs calling him gold whore. :D Guys, stop crying? All the events, players from your side topped the ranking. If someone deserved to be called a gold whore, it should be one of your...
  6. Sinope WW

    It just started! The Merge is leading. Good job!
  7. Zacynthus history review

    Ok, first, congratulations to The Syndicate for being the "Victors of the world"! Well done! Second, due to more and more Zacynthus related comment in the thread Mungus created to challenge EN (, I created this...