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  1. Official Statement From Innogames

    I stand behind the statement that there was no randomness in choosing who gets it ! 150 %
  2. Divine Senses

    Actually you get 10 tokens for 20,000 gold purchase so for 59 or to be precise 60 (one was spent I guess) you had to purchase 20,000 gold 6 times not 59 times lol
  3. Divine Senses

    Just a note, did anyone thought to whom was this offer offered, I wonder if any "small" players got this offer ? I think they knew exactly whom they are offerring this boost, makes the game even more unequal !
  4. Erik ghosted...again

    Thats why I said bring any team ... What happened TMax you are nowhere to be seen ...
  5. Erik ghosted...again

    So Fontenay, you stood up to the legend be very careful, he has high IQ but is definitely dumb. His ego is higher than his IQ big time so all his actions are very dumb and that's to put it politely ... Bring any team and I mean any team that Erik has leadership of and TS will wipe the floor...
  6. spies : please post screenshots of active players in golgi who ever were spies

    Simmers unite !!! Hall of shame in sinope ! How to win WW race by cuddling ! You were just too weak to defend your WW islands lol !
  7. No Brakes / No Speed Limits : postive project.

    Who are you ? Grepo forum police ? Who allows ur Papa to write life essays here and you are so dumb to defend one of the worst failures in Grepo history ? You guys are soap opera of Grepolis !
  8. No Brakes / No Speed Limits : postive project.

    Who doesn't know Erik and Ranga ? They wanted to win the server by taking all WW islands and going to VM (of course failed miserably) and then they will tell you the story about friendship and the way this game is meant to be played ... This is disaster, no life and morale characters are telling...
  9. State of the World Analysis: TS-porium (Might As Well Be)

    So they cant fight TS and they will just quit, I heard you were still calling the shots Erik : Phase 1, Phase 2 and then Phase 3 ... op ! Actually they're quitting cus they are bored with speed 1 but when he spent 50,000 gold to build all those myths to get mungus city, he was not bored then...
  10. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    Go cuddle with Erik and simulate that you are great player like him, who the f are you ? Winning in Sinope !!! You are dumber than you look !
  11. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    He calls themselves "Normals" bloody rush no tactics worlds, destroyed this game not gold users. Headless chickens like their Papa Erik ... Attack and rebuild with no sense and strategy !
  12. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    Actually I thought ki borg frisk and these other guys never attacked just defended until you posted these stats ...
  13. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    If Erik took city from someone must be tough alliance tell him that TS are noobs he can maybe try again here ...
  14. Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

    Nothing to add ! Priceless !
  15. That Moment You Realise You're Alliance is wholly an Academy

    No way !!! They didnt loose the crown ! They are world winners just ask Erik he will explain to you rofl !!!
  16. Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    Bloody pathetic fighters they are, go cuddle in no TS world ...
  17. We Right Here

    We show you garbage yesterday ! You guys are pathetic ! Blaze is talking to someone after that debacle yesterday, lol !
  18. Speed 1 and Gold

    First to 4 wonders with promises to 17 alliances u gonna give them crown, we all know how that finished ... Proud of cuddling in a war game ? Good for you but not on this server ... There is no cuddling with TS ... We own you !!!
  19. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    Or realizing that that TS is just too strong for their noobish attacking style (send one by one and whenever you can) ....