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  1. The Story Of The Booty Warrior Cult

    Don’t know what parallel universe you inhabit but you seem to change the narrative to fit the story you want to believe... meanwhile back in the real world everyone and I mean everyone is pissing themselves laughing at you and your attempts to rewrite history. Still ignoring the bit where you...
  2. The Story Of The Booty Warrior Cult

    Finally something I can agree with you on, 100% we would have done better without merging and your help was more of a hindrance than a help without your mismanagement we would have done far better than the 1 Panda and 1 Booty wonder we ended up with.
  3. The Story Of The Booty Warrior Cult

    For the record Rose (and you) made a pigs ear of it.. from the arrangements of the WW islands to changing the configs of the islands at the last minute, all the way through to the tactics on which city to send and to boost... I'm not saying I could have organised it any better.. But then I'm...
  4. The Story Of The Booty Warrior Cult

    You very obviously do care or you wouldn't bother to check back and respond, and you beat nobody, you lost a wonder and ghosted, we saved our wonder only to have YOU destroy it, big difference :)
  5. Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest

    Add my name to the petition,
  6. Event community goals

    Because Inno are aware of this have been since the start of the event, there has been no response from them since Sunday, 6 days ago,surely that tells you they are not interested. The event will be over before any action is taken and we probably wont have reached goal 2 :(
  7. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Since when has O54 been the rim? Pandas 7 wonders were all in O54 in Rhodes
  8. GPC round 2 results?

    New Voting ending on the 13th. Why have the results not yet been announced?
  9. Answered Question to Rhodes ingame support

    have 2 outstanding tickets with support from days ago, no acknowledgement no answer not even one of their stock replies
  10. Answered Accelerating a Wonder before/during Easter Peace Time

    Question not being answered a bit like support, asked the same question to them days ago and no one has bothered to answer. By the time they do it will be too late
  11. Answered Accelerating a Wonder before/during Easter Peace Time

    Your announcement that .....Expansion: expanding a wonder during peacetime is not allowed. It is not possible to start the level expansion of a world wonder if peace time is active during or upon the completion time. We have seemingly been allowed to start the upgrade of our Wonder on Rhodes...
  12. Top 12 sink or swim

    you have to be logged onto grepointel and you then get the option in the grepolis tools (left hand side of page) to compare conquers,
  13. Top 12 sink or swim

    Does this look like the Pandas are being pounded!! Pandas 24 Shadows 5
  14. Pnp Panda pops Shadow

    Maybe no formal announcement but I have it on very good authority there is a No Hit Rule which is another way of saying NAP.
  15. Pnp Panda pops Shadow

    ???? you have forgotten LAELAPS or do you prefer to pretend you don't have a NAP with them
  16. Top 12 sink or swim

    clue: he is the one in Amazon who doesn't know how to attack (his own words)
  17. Wars on Rhodes

    He is the one in Amazon that doesn't know how to attack, (in his very own words)
  18. The Hall of The Fallen

    I was only there for the gold, hopefully managed to keep my dignity
  19. Top 12 Alliances

    Ah but salsa we had some fun in Mochlos fighting on all fronts and it is that that seems to be missing in this world. I admit I came to trade gold, I have never played on a revolt world before and I do find the speed tedious, however I have tried to give it my best shot to see if I could learn...
  20. Top 12 Alliances

    Actually I have it on good authority that Mummy have pacts with both Mayhem and Exile and are only attacking smaller Alliances such as SNIPERS who are an Alliance of only 36 players and many of them 1 city players at that. Seems to me that the top 3 alliances are here to play sim city, as...