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  1. World is very slow!!

    Timber Camp level 15 is constructed 8 hours !!!!DAMNNNN!
  2. World is very slow!!

    This world is very slow that you can speed up somehow ?:supermad:
  3. For Ex-Yu players!!!

    There are an alliance in WORLD Zancle!Her name is Balkans!If everyone want to join there is a Link of our ocean!!O43!!
  4. Serbian Wolrd!

    I'am from Serbia InnoGames make world for our country please.
  5. The Alliance Three Stars

    I am piratoon and i have 165.000 points :D
  6. The Alliance Three Stars

    The members of Three Stars can post here Alliance founder:alvinabe:D
  7. The Alliance Three Stars

    We are Three Stars(SW)
  8. Leaving

    Bye Gdi!