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    SotW Season 4 Rankings

    Awaiting the challengers!
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    Discuss here.
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    Important How to use your images on Grepolis

    How to use your images on Grepolis So, you have requested a COA, or a sig to be made, but you have no idea how to actually put it on your account. Well you have come to the right place! Quality Quality is important. You don't want a blurry image, or a resized image to promote yourself, it...
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    Beginner Zenron: Typography for Beginners
  5. Phlipster

    [DISCUSSION] Future Competitions

    I am aware that you guys are primarily signature designers, and I fully intend to create some more competitions for it. Is there anything else that you guys would like to see though for competitions? Feel free to place any competition ideas that you have in here, and if there is enough support...
  6. Phlipster

    New mod? Who is this crazy guy?

    Well hello to all of you wonderful designers! I am your new GFX mod, and a pleasure it is to be helping this community! So a little about me that you won't find in my other intro thread: I have always been interested in art, I found it most in nature which living on a farm certainly...
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    Just another phlippin' showroom!

    Just a small selection of over 340 signatures that I have made are below, listed roughly from oldest to newest. Enjoy!
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    Intermediate Untangling DPI

    All credit goes to the author of this guide.
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    Beginner GIMP - Daft Punk Signature Tutorial

    Created by me for those starting out in graphic design, and in particular those that use GIMP. The skills in this tutorial are easily applicable to photoshop, although some steps are easier to do in photoshop (less button clicks, and more non-destructive work). Part 1: Part 2: