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  1. vevell the king

    RAGE quit

    :supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad::supermad: OUR RAGE WILL MAKE THE WORLD QUIT. WE ARE PREMADE FOR THE NEXT WORLD. Want in? Just reply with grepostats link for yourself and your...
  2. vevell the king

    The Grand Greek Order

    I am vevell. I have played Tribal wars since world one. I took on MRA's alone in a certain other game based in roman times and spit out only their bones after gobbling their cities. On another greek like game i played on all worlds, and now... I have come to rule grepolis. After Xi their...