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  1. dustballs1

    Purification is a fickle creature

    Purification was originally to clear your city of negative influences. Now it says it clears your city of 'mythical' influences. Apparently passionate population is mythical but not 'city protection'? This hardly seems fair. If I and my mates have purification favor til the cows come home we...
  2. dustballs1

    When INNO makes an error

    People are asking if Inno is going to compensate people for the lost resources because of the Christmas peacetime screw up. 1. Players got sieged who shouldn't have been and lost resources and troops. 2. Players who launched legal conquests and lost resources and troops doing so, saw their...
  3. dustballs1

    Answered Time Zones on mobile vs computer

    Is there a way to change the time-zone on the mobile app to match what your alliance is using on the PC? If so, how? If not, why not? It's been around quite a long time now, but I only started using it again hoping it was ready for primetime.
  4. dustballs1

    Answered Is there a minimum time on Accelerated Construction?

    I selected the Accelerated Construction buff after a quest in order to reduce the time of building my temples below 5 minutes and get them free (timewise) since my queue was pretty full on a rock city in a speed 1 world. Lo and behold I received no 30% off on construction. The support answer...
  5. dustballs1

    Strong Players

    I was surprised given all the hoopla over certain alliances, that none of those players are at the top of the heavy hitters of Grepolis, the ones with the highest Grepolisscores. Anyone know about these icons of the Grepolis ages? [/IMG]
  6. dustballs1

    Inactive Topic Marketplace / split it up

    Suggestion Type: Marketplace functionality Idea: Inside the Market - Have gold trading or Resource Trading Brief Description of Idea:When you click on the marketplace, have a decision tree. If people want to give or get gold have them go to one market (Financial market). If they do NOT want to...
  7. dustballs1

    Pending accelerator not working, farm not working

    Remember how you can premium farm by using the left and right arrows to quickly move through the city list? Worked 2 days ago. Not working today (June 17 2016). You know how the troops accelerator boost speeds up movements by 30% for some duration (like 4 hours)? NOT WORKING. Today I...
  8. dustballs1

    Inactive Topic Close Worlds Where Gold Trading is the Prevalent Activity

    Proposal: In addition to closing worlds where the number of players goes below 300, games may be closed where there are fewer than 300 active players when gold trading in the markets is removed from activity. Reason: The predominant reason for players opening multiple worlds is to trade gold...
  9. dustballs1

    Data for World Wonders Phase

    Are there any data files that aid in tracking the world wonder builds? It may only be a nice presentation piece but still would be nice to do something. Alliance, wonder name, build phase, as of date (but could manage this by downloading time)
  10. dustballs1

    Competition Spartan Assassins

    You're welcome, people of Greece
  11. dustballs1

    Mother's Day Massacre

    It's Mother's Day in the United States, and look what my team brought me: Pink Team - landed CS - safe Red Team - landed CS - safe Purple Team - landed CS - safe White Team - landed CS - safe Blue Team - landed CS - safe Orange Team - landed CS - safe Gold Team - landed CS - safe Can...
  12. dustballs1

    Where are the anchors?

    I just posted a question to support about why can't I get any free anchors to send links to friends who might want to play. The answer wasn't pertinent. It just said Grepolis fills new players into a concentric circle. I asked if that meant links are not applicable any more and got bupkiss...
  13. dustballs1

    EN 83 - Triad

    Triad is recruiting players on good terms with us from playing in En25 - Athens, and EN60 Oropos. Let me know. We roll with a small lean fighting team. We expect there will be some 200 player groups. That will NOT be us. Contact me, or if you are in skype, contact David, Sean or any other...
  14. dustballs1

    Inactive Topic Improvement - Collect Surveys for New worlds to open

    Proposal: Have a button, a survey, a place (NOT a misc forum thread), where players can put their NEXT world interest. A Database gathers the information and THAT determines recommended next world settings Example: Revolt vs Conquest, World Speed, Unit Speed, Hero or not, Morale / No Morale...
  15. dustballs1

    Inactive Topic Improvement - Conquest icon

    Proposal:A conquest/revolt button lights up and player clicks on it to see the equivalent of the siege/revolt status. Players who have multiple cities in siege will be able to monitor the status of each siege with the press of a button. Alternate from suggestions to original idea: Even if...
  16. dustballs1


    Triad's Day 1. Drink Coffee 2. Read Paper 3. Check Alliance orders of the Day 4. Launch 5. Go to work / school / meetings / sleep while monitoring progress 6. Go back to #1
  17. dustballs1

    Masters of Athens

    I do not know how to post any fancy graphics. The alliance Triad just snuck into MORC's 6th city 2 days ago, and held it with 36k biremes and similarly stacked land. The remaining active MORC players hit it with everything they had, but the strength was such that a full LS nuke took down...
  18. dustballs1

    Inactive Topic CS Travel time increase based on slots available

    A player should get an increased CS travel speed (time) of 10% for every 10 free slots available for colonization. This should stack with lighthouse and cartography. Reason: Players stranded on the rim or entering late in a game with no enemies to fight need to be able to get into the action...
  19. dustballs1

    Reservation Feature - Feedback

    I have a question. I clicked on a random city to see how "reserve" works, per the recent upgrade. Now I can't un-reserve it. There is a little undo swivel button next to the feature. However I click on it and it just confirms my reservation. Maybe the city is truly unreserved and the bug is...
  20. dustballs1

    What happens to your Spies in Transit when your city is Conquered?

    A mate, we'll call him Home, was spied by a neighbor whom we'll call Friend. Friend says "I didn't do it mate-I just conquered this city! The spy must have been in transit to you by the prior owner that I just conquered." Home checks the log against the conquer time. By his reckoning...