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  1. Phears

    Guess who's back.....back again.....

    So i decided to start playing again and this world looked perfect (apart from the amount of old enemies on here :P) i'm in the south east, anyone i know around there? O76?
  2. Phears

    Could it be?

    So i'm not really playing grepolis much/ at all at the moment but something occurred to me the other day which has been bugging me. It's something i've joked about before but i think could be real. I believe i am cursed in grepolis. Not necessarily as a player but once im in an alliance...
  3. Phears

    Goodbye All goodbye peeps
  4. Phears

    Goodbye All

    So i'm afraid the time for me to say goodbye has come, hopefully not forever but atleast for now, i have deleted all account and ghosted on Calydon my main world at the moment, i will be carrying on on PI until it closes down which will be about a month or so i'm guessing. The first thing i...
  5. Phears

    Charactors of Calydon

    Ok so this is just a little fun thing that i did when i was bored, please don't be insulted, i hope you enjoy and feel free to add your own ones too :P
  6. Phears


    'Sup guys? So i'm now playing this world and wondering who else i might know is and if anyone knows a good alliance in the south east?
  7. Phears

    World Wonders

    So over the last few months i have been keeping an eye on when the age of wonders will come for Pi and it's gone from about 9 months to 1 month in the space of 2 months or so, surely the requirements for the age of wonders should stay the same and should not be made to go faster and faster each...
  8. Phears

    The end

    The end is near, wheres my invite guys? I promise to behave myself :Angry:
  9. Phears

    Vacation Mode

    Ok so i'm due to go away in June to Camp America for 12-14 weeks, during this time i doubt very much i will have internet access especially to play games. I've done really well so far and have 53 days of VM left but i fear that won't be enough, this includes the extra days brought through...
  10. Phears

    Am i?

    So i recently joined the dominion alliance, didn't even offer any advice this time all i did was send help to small players, two days after i join everyone gets kicked out by someone and that's another alliance i have been in that bites the dust... could my curse actually be real? So far ETD...
  11. Phears


    Ok so i looked in the rules and couldn't see anything about this but hey. So i've been thinking recently if there really is such a thing as sexuality? We say there is in our cultures but i think that's just so we can label other people and ourselves. I personally feel that if everyone was...
  12. Phears

    Pnp Bad Boys

    Bad Boys Coalition? They're bad alright..... So the four biggest MRA's on Gythium team up and try and intimidate their enemies by sheer numbers.... little do they know that it takes skill rather then numbers to win a war... and so i urge all the small teams out there...
  13. Phears

    Arrow To The Knee

    Alliance Name: Arrow To The Knee Max number of spots: 35 Direction: South East Looking for 100% loyal players only, don't have time for people who will leave an alliance at the first sight of something going wrong or looking for the easy option. I've been leadership in several...
  14. Phears

    World Wonders?

    Now excuse my ignorance here but is there any reason why no alliance on Pi has started building world wonders yet? Can we even start on them yet? I know other 1.26-2.0 worlds have.....:heh:
  15. Phears

    I believe

    I believe an introduction is in order to our new mod: Music Loving Chemist Don't know who you are but it's good to see Pi finally gets a mod and hopefully one that will do something! Welcome to the staff team and welcome to Pi by far the fastest and best world around :)
  16. Phears

    The End Of Pi?

    As some of you may know Incubi has just recruited a large chunk of AL's best players and so this brings me to my next question, is this the end of Pi? Will anyone be able to stand up to Incubi now? With players spread throughout the core, south, east and now north who can stand in the way of...
  17. Phears

    Inc/tee vs al/vvv

    Ok thought i would make a game for people to pass some time when bored, rules are easy, any Incubi or TEE player (or fan) counts from 0 to 100, any AL/VVV player (or fan) counts from 0 to -100. For example: Zolen: 1 Yowhatsup:2 Thanatos: 3 Phears: 2 Chick':1 Superman:0 Weebroon: -1 Pgalland: 0
  18. Phears

    Top 12 Alliances

    Ok lets have everyone put their opinions of the top 12 alliances here, the point is to get peoples point of views not turn it into an insult match between Incubi and AL etc. Aetolian League: The Ecstatic Escapades: Incubi: Strength of Honor: The Great Indian Empire: United Warriors...
  19. Phears

    Pi Forum Personality

    Hey all, some of you like me, others hate me (zolen :P) and others just don't care about me. Anyways that isn't important, what is important is how dead the Pi forums are most excitement we've had recently is someone posting in the wrong world forum! :rolleyes: So I've asked Tristen our...
  20. Phears

    So i think...

    It's about time the Mods did more than just battle themselves, i think all mods that play should join one alliance in a certain direction and prove themselves! :Pro: Psi is perfect as it has a 30 member limit and neutral settings. Should be 2 alliances: Mods in one core ocean and a...