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  1. Answered Accelerating a Wonder before/during Easter Peace Time

    Your announcement that .....Expansion: expanding a wonder during peacetime is not allowed. It is not possible to start the level expansion of a world wonder if peace time is active during or upon the completion time. We have seemingly been allowed to start the upgrade of our Wonder on Rhodes...
  2. Gkassimis - Careful what you wish for

    Shortly after BZC vs ..... ghosted en masse, for which I was blamed, Gkassimis publically in the Carphi Rumour Mill thread wished all kinds of evil to befall on me including ill health. No doubt he will be delighted to hear that since the end of May I have been in hospital, have undergone major...
  3. Not a Bug Unable to build myths

    although I have favor and population I cannot build pegs, I can build envoys and centaur but it will not allow me to build pegs. I have refreshed, rebooted cleared cache all to no avail
  4. Pending Troop queue and resources delivery stuck at 0:00:00

    Recently both the troop building queue and the resources delivery gets stuck on 0:00:00 and the next action will not start until the page is refreshed, I have tried the usual tricks of clearing cache etc. to no avail. I use google chrome