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  1. Erik ghosted...again

    ..and im just a averege player of grepo who showed you than anyone could call himself a legend....
  2. Erik ghosted...again

    erika ghosted 3 time in row....3 servers in 6 month....i prognose all this when he betrayed us in sinope...i told him he will never ever win this game what we all learned from this?.... there is no legend in this game...anyone could win this game...its all about money....bcoz...
  3. less and less people :(

    i must agree here with just a small player with no reputations like you big ones.but i urge you pls step togheter and make pressure to grepo company.we all love this game.but we need to change it, they need to change it.or it will be over in 1 year and than we can all go play sim...
  4. is penaldo a spy

    ranga you are just a child who is afraid of insulted me many times whrn i was your insolted one of your best players.i ofered you one on one fight.jet you run away like a coward.and now you are still lie here-so come fight wit me or just shut up...
  5. is penaldo a spy

    Quote Originally Posted by ErikWijmeersch View Post Lol you were a spy in sinope, ones a spy always a spy. In eubea you offered your service to spy for my team cause your case was lost. Pêrhaps third time you straight and are not a spy :-) im sure you have evidence that i ofered you as a...
  6. E-R-I-K Errrik : reply

    im sorry but this one looks like erik
  7. can you teach me how to play this game

    you all told me to ask erik to teach me this game .so i did.but he is not answering me.i realy need a mentor.someone pls help me...anyone?
  8. TS Cry Room

    can you pls tell me when TS is planing op on me? im just a noob and i would like to know when to run in vm?help me pls
  9. can you teach me how to play this game

    im a noob learning this game.i need a mentor to teach me how to play it. I have heard that there is a player who is a legend in this game. i also heard that he is the most honest player in this game. does anyone know who this legend is that i can ask him to help me?
  10. is penaldo a spy

    erik: im under attack 2 incoming.pleas send support and i need troops spells...400 players sending support and troop spells...what a legend.hahahahaha.erik you sucked 1.000.000. eur from 400 players to support you a legend and you betrayed us....and you are still here.... are...
  11. is penaldo a spy

    erik why dont you run in o83 like you did in sinope.....
  12. is penaldo a spy

    you didnt answer me erik: do you still use steroids???
  13. is penaldo a spy

    pericles you are in eric team.that says enough
  14. is penaldo a spy

    i dont care for him anymore.eric you are shame for human were a crook in sport and you are one in this game. im sorry that i played for you.tell me erik do you still use steroids?
  15. is penaldo a spy

    im sorry for this but i would like to comment on charges against me. some anonimus players are accusing me to be a spy for of them is biohazard the other 2 i dont know who they are.i played with erik in sinope and i left him after he betrayed 400 players.and i took some cities from...
  16. Top-5 of Sinope

    erik and ranga1. both of you are losers and liaers, manipulators. you betrayed 1k players and still try to manipulate.that means that you are a total low level of human. I'm ashamed that i was playing with you, Especially I am ashamed that erik was my row model. Erik and his team should...
  17. Top-5 of Sinope

    So after a year of playing, I note that grepo is not a game but a scam to steal money from people. Erik and the rest of the big players are part of these scams. this is not fun and game, but politics. so I decided that i will not give you my money anymore. in the last year i gave more than...
  18. Top-5 of Sinope

    it is interesting that my last post was completely deleted from the forum. as I do not exist.till now i posted at least 20 post.but since i all my poste was negative about erik all was delited.its like erik is one of the moderators of this game
  19. Top-5 of Sinope

    I would have voted for mymself. why? The whole time I was loyal, but when I discovered the deception and betrayl of erik and his players I was the only one who drew attention to this. So I was always loyal to my principles and honest. for that i congratulat to myselfe.