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  1. Saib0t

    Pre-World Tegea Discussion Thread

    Killed it, Was looking forward to En100, but setting like that. No thanks.
  2. Saib0t

    Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread

    Whoop Whoop, Come On! Bringing back Memories now. Defo will be signing up. Bookmark-Saved. Not even playing for the gold, Just want to play for Old Time Sake. # Grepo.1.26 # ClassicGamers # 24HoursAwake # NoSleep
  3. Saib0t

    Need help

    Its all apart of the game spamming attacking, spamming attacks is all apart of them fun in this game. catching a player of line is all apart of them game. Yes its easier to Conquest while offline but while their is a App. near 99% of the players use it these days. If anyone sounds like a...
  4. Saib0t

    Anyone I know around anymore?

    Haha, Long time no see. You still around playing mate, it has been a while.
  5. Saib0t

    Anyone I know around anymore?

    Is their anyone I know around anymore? Been a while.
  6. Saib0t

    If en100 was something different, what would you want?

    Tell you one thing then, You wouldnt need gold haha.
  7. Saib0t

    If en100 was something different, what would you want?

    I would like a "Entry Fee" into En100, Say 1000 gold..
  8. Saib0t

    Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    Defo! Just waiting to get my Account Re-Active.
  9. Saib0t

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim Thread

    Grepo really has changed over the years since I started then, Never new points make you the best players/Alliances in the game? Please teach me your High Points ways, all might PointKing :Pro: War is what this game is about, Always Has, Alway Will! Keep your points. If its the only way to make...
  10. Saib0t

    Fist and Digi's Premade

    Guys, anyone who is going to be playing with Jack needs to be able to take serious BANNER! Played two servers with him. (Cant post here what he calls me though)-Naughty Jack lol. Living legend, Really nice guys, Funny as hell! Jack sign me up mate. If you have me for the Third Time!
  11. Saib0t

    Top 12 Sink or Swim Discussion

    Just because you cant fight Repo, you and others RunAway to join them. Big that isn't it. The only player I respect in that alliance is Minatomus, I Remember him from Thebes. The rest of them, You guys have to recruit IB top players,. Aswell as creating an Academy,. Never would I thought of...
  12. Saib0t

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Sorry Xtc spell checker went over it was ver tired last night didnt see the correct, Spelling. But just with the One Impervious in there is right thank you mate. Need to spread some rep around :( Lovely work as always. :D
  13. Saib0t

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Got a request for you Max. I would like to request an alliance CoA. Text: Impervious Bustards Impervious On top Left corner of the CoA Bustards On the bottom right corner of the CoA Theme: Like a dark and evil warrior with a sense of war. Thanks in Advanced Max :D
  14. Saib0t

    Wish List Endgame alternative

    +1 = love it Love It Jack, Like you said! Get Rid Of The "SIMTASTIC LIFESTYLE". +1 Rep!
  15. Saib0t

    Competition Grepolis Jeopardy

    Maybe cuz some of use dont use single words. and like to explain the point of it. :P Its fine, He doesnt even play here, Haha. Gotta find something to do with his time on grepo. :supermad: Am going above my post count I want to go over, stop replying lol.
  16. Saib0t

    Competition Grepolis Jeopardy

    Well it seems everyone elses post get ignored apart from Rock5. Enjoy your winning Rock ;) Gotta be good at something apart from Spamming & GFX :P
  17. Saib0t

    Competition Grepolis Jeopardy

    Gotta be Bambi? if your mean troops as in players...? If not the only units is Divine envoy (PS,. You need to be more clear)
  18. Saib0t

    Competition Grepolis Jeopardy

    Troops 50 Please.
  19. Saib0t

    Spartan Assassin Event Discussion

    Question? I have one question.. In past event does the amount of units per token changes from the amount of points each player has or is this just going to fixed? 4X4 for troops? is currently what it is for manticores there in the tester world trying out the event but will each token stay as...
  20. Saib0t

    Grepolis Legends

    Grepolis Legends in my eyes as players Hummm.. Who I have seen in battle, Fort in Battle, Fort With in Battle. rm9832 Spookytooth1 Kadjayuni Digital Mystikz Miknel Milos21 TyroneBlack DeathwishX13 daizan Mike62 Dobby Atticus X DraculasHeir mojosrisin Admiral Naji Robbyn44 thebigbad cabz bii...