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  1. Dux Bellorum

    hows the game working nowadays?

    howdy guys, havent been on here for a few years now was wondering if any old issues are fixxed, seems the pandora game theyre trying to make events that dont kill the rankings like before? allso what server populations like now? gone back up or still super low? and pay to win option gotten worse...
  2. Dux Bellorum

    Rise of the Reptiles

    will be forming a team, not really in a rush but will be looking for decent settings, preferably after they add the hero world stuff, preferably speed 3, hopefully revolt and definitely morale a perfect world we will go into a server with all of the above settings and Code V go...
  3. Dux Bellorum

    The bomb clinic

    normally when ppl waste their poorly constructed bombs at me id flash them up on skype or the forum and have a good laugh about it but its getting a bit sad that nobody knows how to attack anymore, now i could tell you how i build my bombs which is the correct way but theres no way anyone would...
  4. Dux Bellorum

    Hero tactics

    Howdy Nysans, im checking out the new stuff and i have to say i really like both the island quest bonus buffs and the latest hero update (shockingly enough as im mr negative about updates), i was sceptical but it looks to me they will actually add good strategy's. For example i can see Atlanta...
  5. Dux Bellorum

    scary xmas?

    is the externals stuck in halloween mode, zues is a zombie when he should be a santa :o
  6. Dux Bellorum

    Where have all the ppl gone?

    is there anyone left in caly? seems the only posts are from non calydonians trying to prove they can count like big boys and girls (i still dont believe they got the high without help from mummy) ...anyway i digress....where the hell is everyone? :heh:
  7. Dux Bellorum

    Inactive Topic additional end game combat rewards

    Proposal:[to add a series of new combat based achievements both tiered and end of game one off awards Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? to about page 7 and there are similar but not the same Reason: alot...
  8. Dux Bellorum

    the artist formally known as berserxes

    howdy guys, ive never done one of these before because im quite frankly far to cool, but i am semi boycotting my server forum and im bored so why not self promote a bit?, im known as Berx by my grepo mates i played since 3 days before kappa opened, i randomly clicked buttons and...
  9. Dux Bellorum

    Pnp Life in the trenches

  10. Dux Bellorum

    miscellaneous banter

    as we're not allowed to stray even slightly off topic which leaves no room for natural progression of any conversations or super fun banter to happen i reckon we need a broader title :Pro: for a start i want it to be known that pythagorus is actually rubbish at maths, his whole gimmick is a...
  11. Dux Bellorum

    time yet?

    so have the ranking and daily awards started? i thought it was a month when the non starters ghosted, theyve started ghosting and the server opened 24th of September so is it bugging or am i just impatient?
  12. Dux Bellorum

    Pnp The Strange Chronicles

    Chapter 1. Rise of The Strange Kingdom ....edit....i know it lacks content and motive but its still a pnp in my book :P it was big enough to see those reports too, cant seem to get it to transfer properly
  13. Dux Bellorum

    Pnp noobish translations

  14. Dux Bellorum

    The Minstrel

    with Lamia rather quiet ive had my minstrel singing tales of valor, im pretty sure this is the calm before the storm so soon he may have some new deeds to sing of
  15. Dux Bellorum

    Confirmed island overlord award bug

    world: delphi using google chrome but i doubt that will help with this one ive conquered or colonized every flag and farm on an island in delphi to get the award a few days ago but it hasnt payed out, in the island info window is saying theres still a space left screenshots...
  16. Dux Bellorum

    owww my eyes!!

    wow....its different anyway :/
  17. Dux Bellorum

    anchor links

    howdy again peeps :) im having problems trying to invite an existing grep player to my server via the anchor links, it only seems to wanna work if they register from scratch any ideas where in going wrong?
  18. Dux Bellorum

    heroic tactician in delphi

    howdy peeps, i have the 5 requirements for herioc tactician in delphi and havent been credited, i colonized a city last week at the expese of my good reputation which was the last one on the list :rolleyes: ive double checked on the wiki and i cant find what im missing, im not sure if the...
  19. Dux Bellorum

    New years feast

    Well guys, attack break is kicking in again. :rolleyes: For a day or so at least nobody needs to worry about being rimmed by Hawks so i guess theres nothing left to do other than invite you to our New Years Feast, a time for us to honor the gods, toast our victory's and pour libations to our fallen
  20. Dux Bellorum

    farming overview

    is there away to change the city list in the captains farm overview to alphabetical order instead of island order? i cant find one and its pretty annoying having them listed randomly