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  1. Erik ghosted...again

    erika ghosted 3 time in row....3 servers in 6 month....i prognose all this when he betrayed us in sinope...i told him he will never ever win this game what we all learned from this?.... there is no legend in this game...anyone could win this game...its all about money....bcoz...
  2. can you teach me how to play this game

    im a noob learning this game.i need a mentor to teach me how to play it. I have heard that there is a player who is a legend in this game. i also heard that he is the most honest player in this game. does anyone know who this legend is that i can ask him to help me?
  3. is penaldo a spy

    im sorry for this but i would like to comment on charges against me. some anonimus players are accusing me to be a spy for of them is biohazard the other 2 i dont know who they are.i played with erik in sinope and i left him after he betrayed 400 players.and i took some cities from...