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  1. Top 12 sink/swim

    End Results 1 Mad Hatters 4324 25.39% 2 **GNOMES GONE GANGSTA** 2396 14.07% 3 OCEANS VETERANS 2393 14.05% 4 NEW CRAZY BEARS 1575 9.25% 5 Rebels 1543 9.06% 6 God's Of War 987 5.8% 7 Mad as Hatters 633 3.72% 8 Sentinel 538 3.16% 9 OCEANS TIDE 191 1.12% 10 *GNOMES GONE GANGSTA* 171 1%
  2. New Update Killed My iPad

    Can’t farm on browser from cell phone. App totally sucks for farming so it’s always been easier just to log in on browser from cell to farm, doesn’t work now.
  3. So What Now?

    Yeah because you normally send 72 mil of each res(4 times) just for the last level because you don't care, not to mention attempting to trying some sort of merger themselves for the crown with HF and others later after savage crown rotations. AS for Booty beating up savage, that wasn't all...
  4. So What Now?

    yoga, it helps
  5. So What Now?

    Says the try hards that go after WW after someone else already won, build their own up with all those resources, then for not caring lost 48,000 LS trying to break it speaks for itself.
  6. So What Now?

    Massacre of MP units in failed WW siege break attempt Mobile version
  7. Deliberation Fixing World Wonder Abuse

    Crown sharing defeats the purpose of even having alliance caps so something needs to be done. Winning a world isn't so special now it's like the top 8 alliances cycle in for the win....yawn
  8. Proposal Morale should not apply to sieges

    This is seriously abused in morale active worlds You have 1 non new member, possibly someone's multi shared account used solely as a CS lander. The siege break is now at 30% morale and impossible. Then after the city is taken that player hands off the city and maintains their 30% morale...
  9. Competition Wars of Byblos

    I'm sorry if you weren't aware, it would seem not everyone was in the loop on that. It happened and he was indeed coming in support from another ocean. I'm about to post a colorful chat up under a new topic. It's an interesting read. What is stronger than 160 member alliance? A 320 member...
  10. Competition Wars of Byblos

    It's possible it's a retrip, photo is not a fabrication. What isn't possible is to deny that Harryaird sent support from 2+ hours out to a failed PN siege an ocean away.
  11. World now closed

    Masters of Rizinia.....Hellfyre Congrats to all HF guys who played a part in the domination of this world