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  1. GDi ReTrO


    Hi guys, I know I said the exact same thing last year, that I was leaving, then I ended up staying, so this time I will keep it short. I am leaving the game, I have hardly any time for it anymore and it just does not excite me anymore, take my cities if you want, most of them are in ocean...
  2. GDi ReTrO

    Moving on

    Hey everyone, Its nearly been a year since I started playing grepolis, and it has been a good, fun experience, Eta has been, somewhat eventful in the last few months, with many opinions of it being more of a soap opera more than a game. I have learned that grepolis is a game that requires...
  3. GDi ReTrO

    Attack of the month

    Just a fun thread here, basically you post a good attack, it can be anything really, it can be an attack you sent or one you received, a really good ownage one or a hilarious attack that was just a big epic fail, and some silly forgetting to send ls escort attacks. Whatever attack you think...
  4. GDi ReTrO

    Happy New Year Eta

    Just wanna wish all eta players happy new year for when it comes:)
  5. GDi ReTrO


    Was wondering if anyone could make me a nice sig? Getting bored with my currrent one:( I dont have much idea of what i want the sig to look like just maybe one with my player name and my pic hmm not sure if anyone could help then that would be great Thanks.:P