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  1. TD leadership = Total Detritus

    So eh, things are out of hand here, im closing this thread. Feel free to make another one if you want to if you're able to tone things down.
  2. Milestones Era of World Wonders

    Keep the tone a bit down here.
  3. Chariots

    They're good at both, but only really in Conquest worlds.
  4. Milestones Era of World Wonders

    send out an invitation and have the drama begin anew in another world ;)
  5. Milestones Era of World Wonders

    I'm surprised we're still alive to make it this long
  6. Stupid Battle Mistakes

    maybe it was just badly timed support?
  7. New Naji Premade - Here we go Again !

    Why the heck not, add me Naji.
  8. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    You're practically stating that the top 12 will sink with your last line. You use the word "Top" referring to everyone in the top 12, you didn't have to spam top 1, top 2, etc.
  9. Pnp Cosnuta The Gold Lemming

    my my, what a show.
  10. Hey guys I need help with a poll real quick! Can you take it? 1 question.
  11. Newspaper The Herm Herald :proposed new issue

    The newspaper revival!
  12. A message of brotherly unity and love

    Why would I do that, you guys are having fun, right?
  13. Hermonassa World Predictions

    Can't help but laugh at this comment.
  14. Grepolis Skype Bot

    i thought you just add it into the skype room, and eventually it would start talking o3o
  15. A Message to EN 72

  16. Holiday Grepo-Pets Voting Thread!

    Liked 25
  17. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Everyone chilling?
  18. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Its not christmas yet :( Also that is an animated image. I can't have that here. I will need to have you change it quick.
  19. Zero Tolerance Server Destroyers

    If you want to go off-topic, you may create another thread.
  20. Zero Tolerance Server Destroyers

    This is going off topic.