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  1. Hey guys I need help with a poll real quick! Can you take it? 1 question.
  2. Competition Hermonassa PnP

    The Comp Hi there folks, This is a nice and simple competition to see who in Hermonassa is a budding politician and can write the best PnP! You will have 7 days to put together the best PnP that you can. See here for what a PnP is. An example...
  3. Important Competition? What do you want?

    You make one for us! Give me some ideas :P
  4. Competition Hermonassa PotM - Vote=

  5. Competition Hermonassa PotM

    The Comp Hi there folks, As you will most likely have inferred, this competition will be held on a monthly basis to celebrate the great contribution you, our community, provide. Rules Users will nominate up to three people and provide posts from the appropriate month as evidence/reasoning...
  6. Important Grepolis Quickfire GFX Competition Vote

    Theme 1: Contrasts Theme 2: Time Theme 3: Freestyle 1 2 3 4 5
  7. Competition Caption Battle Vote

    Pick one of the two. :) 1. 2.
  8. Competition Caption Battle

    World Hermonassa Caption Battle Welcome to this short and fun forum competition. The objective of this game is to be creative and come up with the best caption for a picture of your choosing. Rules Must actively play in Hermonassa. Submit your entry by private message to me on the forums...
  9. Important Grepolis Quickfire GFX Competition

    Competition Explanation There is a sign up sheet here. Users have two days to sign up for the competition, if you sign up, you are making a commitment to taking part in the whole competition. Due to the fact that this one will be done in a slightly different fashion to other gfx competitions, I...
  10. We're here!

    Naji and the noobs have arrived!
  11. Competition Battleship Competition

    Welcome to the World Hermonassa Battleships Competition! This game will work just like regular battleships. In the post below this one, you will start with a blank 20x20 grid, hidden in this grid are 12 ships, your aim is to try and sink the ships! To do this, you must guess grid squares where...
  12. Important Next Competition

    Seeing how our last one was such a success with the fun times we have. I want you guys to choose our next one. No polls, as I am only going to count votes by those playing this world. Thanks!
  13. Past Fails

    We all were noobs at one point. We all have success and fails. Now going back and looking at them, I am loling so hard at what I wrote in my thread and what kind of person I was. Presenting my list of fails. (Feel free to share yours). Laugh all you want. :D PLEASE DO NOT BUMP/POST/REMAKE...
  14. Competition Name That Pixel

    In this Game, I will post various pixelated images from the usual in-game Grepo screen, and you will guess what they are. Whoever guesses correct first, gets 1 point. At the end of the competition, whoever has the most points wins. Rules In order to compete you must play actively in...
  15. Confirmed Listed as enemies bug on mobile

    World: All In Game Name: ArShark Have check the known bugs list: yes Have you cleared your cache and cookies:yes Have you tried a different computer/laptop/tablet/phone:yes Have you tried a different connection: yes Full Version or Mobile Version: mobile Browser and Version:n/a Overview...
  16. Hermonassa Trash Talking

    If you really...really...really...must get that spam out of you. Here is your haven. Make my job easier and your life better.
  17. Quitting Grepolis

    It's been a good 3 years IG, but I am finally done with this game. Account is going to a friend of mine, I no longer find interest in this game. Currently in college and finding it more fun than this game, other than that, if you know me and play other games such as LoL, you are free to add...
  18. Lindos Spam Thread

    Let's get started.
  19. Najistan

    All hail, Naji, All hail, Najistan. All hail, Naji, All hail, Najistan. Thats right, in O65, anyone is welcome to join. :Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro::Pro:
  20. Inactive Topic No units, no defense

    Proposal:Remove the effects wall and towers have on units if the defending town does not have any units. Reason:How in the world is a tower and wall killing troops when there is no units in a town. Details:When players attack a town with high wall and tower, the defense bonus from tower and...