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  1. Princesilk

    Whos gonna disband next

    We've done the top 10 threads to death and lets face it they turn into cat fights all the time, So I thought we'd just cut to the chase. So a new top 10 thread. Lets see who your predictions on which alliance is going to disband next. I'll give you a virtual Grepopoint, a hug and a cookie if...
  2. Princesilk

    Hyele Herald

    I'm sat at home bored, no-ones attacking me..... my flyers are collecting dust, so I thought id just knock this together. Disclaimer - I know nothing of anything from the top alliances, all this info is from me looking at the maps/stats and making inferance. Feel free to correct me. As per...
  3. Princesilk

    Free Cookies!!!

    Now that my BP has turned off can someone send some attacks my way!! Preferable unescorted transports, but ill accept anything! :P And in return I'll mail you a cookie, honest!
  4. Princesilk

    Operation Names

    When you guys form an OP to take out a specific player or island what names do you give your op's? Do you go for something dramatic? i.e. Operation Death of Demonic01 Do you go for some word play? i.e. Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Echo's we go or do you go for something cheesy...
  5. Princesilk

    Latest update - Attacks/supports tab

    As someone who cant live without administrator I hope theres an option put in to change this back to one tab. As its will make timing support to land within seconds of your CS a lot more difficult as you will have to keep tabbing accross and comparing times and when your dealing in seconds...