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  1. Trash Talk

    sooo, rawr, is the plan going well, or am I missing something :D
  2. Top 12 Wars of Methone

    And I would like to say that I feel offended to how Virus are spamming my little city with CS :D poor guys sent 3 times and never got to stay in even a single second :D so much for the hours of prep wasted :D
  3. Top 12 Wars of Methone

    All this aside, THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN. blub, blub, blub. But you are in VM and writing in here :D
  4. Top 12 Wars of Methone

    Yeah, it is my curse, I tend to fill my head with useless information :|
  5. Top 12 Wars of Methone

    The most obvious war thorugh stats is Virus, you can judge by rawr's words that his alliance and their bigger brother OV are at war with us too, I can go on but do I really need to, I take it you are not blind and your perception of this grepo world isn't that bad... Taking cities and being at...
  6. Top 12 Wars of Methone

    yikes, debronee got a bit internalized before the VM kicked in and Dakubai took 12 of those cities and how many is he losing now? good job buddy, great city transfer Btw, it is really cute how one alliance (RF) thinks that those who fight them fight only them :D Obviously even they don't...
  7. Trash Talk

    From reading the forum a few weeks back I was under the impression that RF are a good alliance, that is the biggest joke in the history of grepolis. Guys can't land a CS on a remote city, even though they tried 3 times, 50% morale sucks but they don't know that, obviously (gold can't buy you a...
  8. Trash Talk

    this is the international server, it is normal for it not to have a damn night bonus :D
  9. Top 12 Alliances of Methone

    And who are you to make a problem out of it Another guy in here playing under a different name :D
  10. Top 12 sink/swim

    hat off, you finally found the best way for you to play. Obviously leading an alliance burnt you out way too fast :D GL charlie, sad thing is your reputation precedes you and even if you don't spam here, some people won't forget that easily.
  11. TrashTalk Thread

    I don't know who said what, nor do I really care. Some people are better with timing, thing is, it is much easier to time CS with a 30-40min TT and then time attacks/support to it. This is usually what our teammates do, not leave themselves with a 3s window and pray they manage to get the CS in...
  12. TrashTalk Thread

    big words for someone who lost as hard as possible :D I assume you are duje ugrin, next time you play and do an OP, make sure your ally doesn't snipe your own cs ;) (how can a 2 man OP go so wrong... you guys are just making me sad watching you time :D)
  13. TrashTalk Thread

    if only there was a way to see us coming, oh wait, Heartless knew he was out they could have sieged him themselves, luckily only we thought of that :D That team has like 5 decent players, do they deserve to win? Btw, which ally are you from, can't seem to find you under this ign, or are you one...
  14. TrashTalk Thread The amount they lost, kinda surprised they had only that many myth nukes.
  15. TrashTalk Thread

    No comments? Nothing? Hmm, @Silver-Eyed Lion King Where you at kitty, you could have come to save the wonder, uhh to try and save it :D
  16. Top 12 Top 12 2.0

    ALERT ALERT ALERT! A ship carrying salty people has capsized. It's code name is JFL, the captain of the sinking ship has renamed it after it's faith - bitter end. Salute for one more failure lead by this great captain of the seven seas. Off to new battlegrounds and a new team (as no more than 5...
  17. Just for Laughs - an alliance with no honour and a cult of cowards

    Yet he did not get banned for that ;)
  18. TrashTalk Thread

    And here i am thinking you came out of VM, little kitty :D One big boy has come to play. Yesterday 2 of your guys tried playing with fire, even little kids know what happens next
  19. Trash Talk Thread

    I honestly can't say the same, though I miss farming you for BPs with the slingers you so much grew to love :D JK, but I have to say I am happy for you that you managed to find the way and finally step out of the shadow Charlie had cast upon you. Though being his right-hand man will not be...
  20. Trash Talk Thread

    Can you finally shut up? You can't call a server easy just cuz you were in the *** of the map surrounded by noobs, then you joined JFL, in this thread alone we can find enough evidence what team Charlie runs, you accomplished Nothing, Null, Zero, Nada in Helio and you keep saying it is too easy...