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  1. kyleli

    Just me or does this feel... slow?

    Is it just me or does this world feel underwhelming for 6x speed? Lets hope they didnt do -6 speed ;)
  2. kyleli

    Answered Ruler of The Seas/Ruler of the World time requirement

    Hey there! Was just wondering, what is the time requirement to receive the Ruler of the Seas award? I've been #1 in o47 in en98 for a few weeks now, and haven't received the award. Is Ruler of the Seas still an award, or do you have to be playing in the world for 3 months or something?
  3. kyleli

    Only 5 Heroes available in simulator?

    In any kind of simulator, I'm only able to see 5 heroes. This is extremely annoying as I'm unable to simulate any attacks with any heroes other than these. Not really sure what else to put here... if you need more info just ask. Edit: The problem is the arrows, if you press the right arrow...
  4. kyleli

    Forum feels empty...

    This forum feels so empty without lemur and noel slugging it out against each other... we got eborea but he doesn't cut it :( Sorry Eborea.
  5. kyleli

    Someone start an Alliance called "Mass Recruitment Alliance"

    And then make it elite. The irony would be real. --- Anyways guys, stop flaming the MRA's, its a real tactic in real life to gain troops quickly with not necessarily high skill. It makes sense at the start of a war, or in this case a new world. I have no love for MRAs but there's not any...
  6. kyleli

    Idalium Forum; a Battlefield itself

    That should be our motto. All we do here is fight, then again, most other Forums do as well... I'm actually surprised at most that this isn't dead yet, the world is quite fast for a speed 1 world eh? Idalium Forum; a Battlefield itself This is the timeline of the forums: *The numbers at the...
  7. kyleli

    Inactive Topic Allowing the save of the Grepolis Alliance Chat

    Proposal This is a small change, nothing very large unless it takes up too much space on the ever growing grepolis hardrives... but my idea is basically summed up by this question: Why are the Grepolis Chats wiped every time you exit it? (Possibly Memory?) Reason It always struck me that the...
  8. kyleli

    People that make their posts look ugly.

    Why do you do this? I see some times (rarely though) write their messages in long, tedious messages with rarely any breaks ever in the whole things with no periods paragraphs and rarely any punctuation or other things all over the internet which really bugs me a lot many times when I read it...
  9. kyleli

    A very funny player with a very funny tactic.

    So, GrekZorba a quite interesting player has been quite a pain in the back if I can say so myself. He uses quite a curious tactic... Can you guess what it is? ;) Going into vacation mode right after sending out a CS to found a new city. Seems like he is hiding, but how long can he hide? He's...
  10. kyleli

    R.I.P. Idalium Forum

    Well, icey might as well resign since this forum is basically dead. No posts in, how long now? Well. Now I see why Ice chose this world to moderate ;)
  11. kyleli

    Why do you want rep? (An answer)

    Well. I've been seeing a lot of new members want to know what REP is... well. Let me tell you one thing, Little Green bars taste yummy. But don't eat them. Seriously. Don't. But on the other hand, feed them to me. No red ones please. :P Not sure if this is appropriate here, but I just felt...
  12. kyleli

    Alliance Vote Request to a BEAUTIFUL Dragon.

    So, since Kos got their own vote for which alliance gets to last the longest, why not Idalium? Our mod is a nice guy, and I'm surreeee he would allow us to have a top 15 vote for which alliance we think would last the longest ;)
  13. kyleli

    Conquest Challenge 2013

    I have a challenge for everyone, I will grow my city, 55 - Olaman - A slowly up to a nice city, to around 2500-3000 points by the beginning of conquest. The first person to SUCCESSFULLY CONQUER me, will have my full respect, +rep, get their name posted on this, and a ton of BP and a whole nice...
  14. kyleli

    Stop killing Idalium Forums!

    I think the reason Icedragon signed up for this was because he knew a speed 1 world would have terrible forums >.< lol jk Icey. But guys, stop killing the forums. I feel lonely here :(
  15. kyleli

    Codex: -The Rebirth-

    "Together We Stand as Brothers" The time has come for an alliance to stand. One, above all others which will take the Men of Greece and merge them together to battle, and conquer. Together, in the new Poll World we will dominate the seas and conquer the oceans! ~-~ Alliance Stats: Starting...
  16. kyleli

    Its open. Yay.

    Great. Another world, kinda early but what do you guys think about it already? Noobs? Experienced players? Elite alliances? MRAs?
  17. kyleli

    Top 12 Monthly Newsflash #1 [February 1]

    Enter the Dragon (ETD) The Big Boys. 12/100 Top Players Points Rank: #1 (164132 Points) ABP Rank: #2 (25759 ABP) DBP Rank: #1 (5118 DBP) TBP Rank: #2 (30902 TBP) Leader(s): N/A Best Player: H3kz (A.K.A - Point Leader) 13152 Points and 4 Cities Best Ocean: o55 AT WAR WITH: N/A The Shadow...
  18. kyleli

    Farewell MRA, Hello Codex.

    As I have grown tired of TBH, and so has many others in my alliance... we have left the MRA. We have begun recruiting from our own ranks, those who show actual potential. Those, that are not only high in points but those who are active, intelligent, and powerful. No, this isn't a promotion for...
  19. kyleli

    Bp has ended!

    Good luck all! And remember, :Pro:
  20. kyleli

    Elite Trojans went red on us before BP ended...

    Okay, seriously... this is an obvious sign of pure foolishness. BP hasn't even ended yet, and they already have decided to go red on us. In our main ocean too... Apparently, there have been no talks of yet of why they have gone to war... and this is just here for a discussion about it. What do...