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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim - Revised!!

    and then the 2nd rate one send a message proving that Kronns account has been taken over Weasy today at 20:57 Kronn was in the Skype room - he pops in every so often for a catch up. Hence this message which he asked me to send. Surprised you came back after the second one to be honest - how...
  2. Botting 101

    Firstly, I do not use a PC, I'm far too upmarket for one of those. Secondly, I do not ghost. I'd like to see your proof on this claim please. Dimspace talking rubbish again!!!!
  3. Botting 101

    Well hi there peeps, firstly, I have proved it possible and is something I have done on every world. I can see that you do not use all the features the game has to offer, otherwise you'd be using city groups and one click can start recruiting in all that groups cities. Use the building tab...
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    This part of forum has become so quiet. Who's gonna do a new top 10?
  5. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    btw i don't float i swim like a mermaid lol
  6. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    such a shame we didn't reach that unachievable community goal 2 Was a RUBBISH EVENT, apart from the double bp Did any server get higher? Would be interesting to know Viv xxxxx
  7. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    I'm disappointed in you all. You forgot to mention the millions of Gold you all think I use. Tactics are a personal issue though. Every world you guys get on your soap boxes cos I'm number 1. Grow a set guys and just admit that you love me xxxxxx
  8. World Won

    Been a fab server. Apart from the back stabbing from certain players. Gonna have a well earned break from this game. See ya all xxxxx PS. Thank you to the ones who said i would be rimmed in 2 weeks. Love ya xxx
  9. Current events & WW race discussion

    Oh please Zarun, how foolish. As your good friend guardian said, "you have to make things up about Viv, to get players to leave the alliance". Tantrums I may have had at times, but I never ever said I love you and want to be with you forever. Now that is a disturbing thought. And you still got...
  10. Current events & WW race discussion

    Scenic I take offence at your comment, I have double your BP. If you think sending 100 cats is good playing, you are sadly mistaken. Next time try 200, I will sink those too Viv (un cocky)
  11. Current events & WW race discussion

    Indeed you did. But you never followed any of it up. Zaruns croonies tried their hardest.
  12. Current events & WW race discussion

    I see so much bitterness coming through and my integrity being called to account, so many times. This server has been exciting, i recall the thousands of incoming attacks on me, constantly for days. Hata instead of rimming me made me so much stronger. Sure, they made me play defence in this...
  13. Current events & WW race discussion

    We are winning because we work together. Ski, you have become very bitter. You know Knights do not have multiple alliances. We are knights working against the whole server.
  14. Nysna /most boring server ever or just the way Grep. has gone?

    You seem a little upset dux. Have you not taken you pill?
  15. Announcement World Nysa - What would you like to say?

    Hatas cats must have been declawed. Cos sending 64 cats at my city with ALU and only slightly denting a wall isn't good. Now doing it once and seeing your troops sink could be seen as a mistake. But Hata doing it twice????? LOL scenickarma please build them again. I like a cat that can't swim!
  16. Nysna /most boring server ever or just the way Grep. has gone?

    I feel honoured to get a mention here. Though pretending =Sam= is a hata player is rather presumptuous of you guys. More leaks than a paper boat.
  17. Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    HAHA jealousy really becomes you, take a look at the bp
  18. Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    Whoops i seem to have that wrong. 22 cities, you seem to have a really bad perception of this game. Rule 1 gain more cities.
  19. Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    Oh dear Zarun, at this stage of the game 24 cities is really pathetic. Your BP shows how great a player you are (not)
  20. Top 12 Sink-or-Swim

    THEGUARDIAN89 on 2014-05-29 at 02:04 looks its called banter in a GAME jesus dont be so boring..... its a war game and you have to say things to get what you want..... how else can you bribe people to follow?? just get of the high horse and enjoy the game and dont take everything so personally...