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  1. mungus1974

    Divine Senses

    This is the last thing that INNO did.They offered some players 10x4 BP for 24 hours and to some 10% more gold.Before i start i got offer 10x4 BP but some players did not get the same offer.This is so unfair to those players who did not get that offer, this is huge compare to only 10% more...
  2. mungus1974

    Can`t post reports!!!!

    Once again, great update from INNO!!! One question for you...HOW CAN I POST MY REPORTS???
  3. mungus1974

    Cry Room

    Here all of you can cry together about TS, you can share your you experience about the big bad.Look at this room like support group, all the victims go to this kind of sessions and maybe it will help you get over. I am sick and tired of your crying!We told you we can use as much as we want...
  4. mungus1974

    To all the alliances in this world.

    I really hope this time you gonna give us some challenge.I hate to see this world becoming just another walk in the park for us.In order to do that take my advice from early days and form some kind of coalition and try to stops us.If you let us grow at start you are all dead meat. You are all...
  5. mungus1974

    For all the Erik`s lap dogs

    This thread is only for Erik`s lap dogs like Tea city.Here you can bark all day.I say Erik and you all start to bark.Who ever is barking loudest at the end of the day will get biscuit. Let the barking begin!
  6. mungus1974

    To all CS members!

    Can i please get invite in your core ocean 65 next to your leader Tea city.He is scared to send me that invite you don`t have to be.I am not gonna tell who sent me that invite, you have my word.Send into PM, please. Thanks in advance
  7. mungus1974

    Cuddle Club

    Waiting for next revolt world 3/3 no morale, alliance cap 1 000 or more.Not gonna start world if there is less than 1 000 members. Who are those Cuddling clubbers? Cuddling Club is alliance created from some experience cuddlers who cuddle their way to victory in every world they have...
  8. mungus1974

    Open invitation to Eviction Notice from The Syndicate!

    One of your leaders called me 2 days ago a coward.We are not and we never gonna kneel in front of anyone.So this is open invitation for you so "called greatest alliance in grepolis, EN": After new year the first revolt world we both join no matter what settings it is??? Now you can answer with...
  9. mungus1974

    TS vs FC

    The Syndicate and Fight Club decided to go to war on April 26.Time to shake up this world.I am sure this is gonna be a good fight and i think we should charge tickets for the rest of this world for the show they are about to see :D Thanks FC for accepting our challenge and good luck.
  10. mungus1974

    The Syndicate wants challenge!

    We are waiting for server with the settings speed 1 and troops speed 3, and revolt to start. I hear about so many "great" alliances and how good they are, so this is your chance. Alliance cap can be 250, we don`t care, there are going to be only 20 of us. Before you say "come to this world, or...
  11. mungus1974


    I am new to this game and i was wondering how i can get some defense battle points?
  12. mungus1974

    Mungus vs Foo Fighters 2:0

    Because so called leaders of once great alliance The Syndicate were scared and not brave enough, thinking that fighting on four fronts will be lost game for us, i decided to leave TS and teach them a lesson how we would have done that.Nothing personal but i prefer to die then to have NAP with...
  13. mungus1974

    To all the alliances in this world!

    I am publicly announcing you a war!Peace requests will be not tolerate!Build up your cities cos we are coming for them.Thank you in advance
  14. mungus1974

    Academies for all the players in ocean 55

    Please do not do any stupid research in your academies (diplomacy, espionage, architecture, crane, meteorology, fire ship, cryptography, trireme and breakthrough), have in mind that soon we will take your cities and i hate to waste CP on those researches.Thank you in advance
  15. mungus1974


    Please don`t research some stupid things in academies.Have in mind that those cities one day will be mine and i hate to waste CP for resetting those stupid things you have researched.Here is photo of what you should have in your academies.Thank you in advance :D
  16. mungus1974

    Who`s gonna stop us now?

    Up until 12/5/2012: Total Conquests: 514 The Syndicate 48 - 1 Alpha Centauri The Syndicate 9 - 3 Westpoint The Syndicate 16 - 0 Hell Hounds The Syndicate 18 - 0 Hell Hound Warriors The Syndicate 9 - 0 Hounds from Hell The Syndicate 59 - 1 Commonwealth The Syndicate 3 - 0...