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  1. World Won

    Been a fab server. Apart from the back stabbing from certain players. Gonna have a well earned break from this game. See ya all xxxxx PS. Thank you to the ones who said i would be rimmed in 2 weeks. Love ya xxx
  2. World Wonders

    Wouldn't it be a great idea if there was a cut off date for alliances for WW. We already have a points cut off for when it starts. So why not have an alliance cut off too. Alliances cannot support each other during WW or send res to each other. They would have to build their own. This would...
  3. Annoying

    There is one player in this game annoying me. Doesn't build his city up just logs in every day to cast Lightening Bolt at my city. He has been rimmed once and now out of beginners protection again, same thing. To far away to rim again. Any ideas to get rid of this stupidity?