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  1. Dub Pecyn

    Pnp Back in my o53 Playground

    So im chillin over in US45 (Actium) and my app alarm starts going crazy with attacks. When i looked i saw it was over here in EN, my VM days had run out. I never meant to come back to this server since i was over in us45 (Actium), just forgot to uninstall the app. So since i forgot, i figured...
  2. Dub Pecyn

    Wu Tang
  3. Dub Pecyn

    Skype - World Chat

    Hello to all, Im sure most (if not all) of you use skype to talk within your alliance. So i would like to inform you all that there is a Skype chatroom with several alliances in it from across the server and from all oceans. It is the Taras World Chatroom. It was establish by someone ever...