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  1. Newspaper Issue VI~Rim Update

    lol.. really had a great laugh on: "No offence but Evo has taken the term MRA to a whole new level."
  2. Rhammus "Trash-Talking" Thread

    Would love to see our average points per alliance reach 100,000. :) #Impervious. Probably after this week we will achieve this goal.
  3. Pnp The 3 vs. 1 War.

    "This is where we fight! This is where they die!"
  4. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    If anyone understands Olorin's language then i would love to hear what did he wrote up there... :)
  5. Important Competition Timeee!!

    Count me in! :P
  6. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    Ranked 3rd with 250 000 points.
  7. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    It all started back in Oropos world. I started late in that world and went into the first alliance that invited me(i was rookie by the time). I saw how these two guys we're leading the alliance and it made me SICK. All they could actually do good is to click on that Invite button. I worked my...
  8. Milestones of Gonnos

    Agreed, just wanted to post it here to get that Milestone, the founders of the ottomans told me that they will call cops on me. Scared -.-
  9. Milestones of Gonnos

    Perform a Major Disband (With founder rights, dissolve an alliance that has 150+members): Esca the Slave on The ottomans.
  10. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    Hello everyone. The ottomans are LOOONG gone from this world. GL & HF in the game guys wishes the alliance of The Respublic.
  11. Skyfall

    Seems legit. Would love to co-operate with a alliance who know what they are doing. Stay alive out there and maybe soonly we will. The Ravens wishes you good luck!
  12. Sink or Swim Don't find them really organized.
  13. Pnp MRA and Noobs

    Watch out, another MRA has arisen from the dust of newbland!!! Hells Legion is the alliance name #4. Atleast they have some information on their alliance profile, hahaa.
  14. Pnp The Ravens

    Don't see the need of posting, only checking in time to time to see what's going on outside the game.
  15. Pnp The Ravens

    OMgosh, i accidentaly marked the thread as PnP... aha. Anyways, The Ravens are the alliance to fear in the game. We are 100% curtain that we got the most active forums through the alliances of Gonnos
  16. Pnp The Ravens

    Thanks! Yes, this is our goal, to grow slow & steady picking out the members with experience from the previous Worlds.
  17. Pnp The Ravens

    The Republic Since we aim to reach the top, we take this game very seriously whatsoever . We expect each member that they are fully committed to the alliance. Teamwork activity are therefore the most important concepts within our alliance. We emphasize "play to win" and will therefore endeavor...
  18. The 10th Plague

    Cheers, :) Added some bold into it. Hopefully it fits with people eyes more :D (Y)
  19. The 10th Plague

    For members in ocean 65 only! Who are we? The 10th Plague is a comeback alliance founded for experienced players who know what they are doing ingame. We are all players who know what it means to stand . At the top of the world Our aim is therefore to achieve in this wonderful new world. Since...
  20. Frequently Asked Questions

    Battle Points What can i do with BP?