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  1. Milestones of Cythera

    first ally to take 100 cities in a week - LD
  2. Milestones of Cythera

    i get kill 20 berberus?
  3. Milestones of Cythera

    does this get me kill total 20CS?
  4. Milestones of Cythera

    First ally to 100k average points - Little drawfs :)
  5. Milestones of Cythera

    2nd player to 100k DBP - MariaGabriellaDolores 3rd player to 100k DBP - skoulikomermigotrypa ^^ well honestly i have no idea who got there first :P
  6. Milestones of Cythera

    2nd ally to 2 mil ABP Moderated Nation 2nd ally to 1 mil DBP - the noobs 3rd ally to 1 mil DBP - Moderated Nation 3rd ally to 5mil points - little drawfs 1st ally to 1k cities - Infectious
  7. Top 12 Alliances

    what do i have to be sure about? and mind me i kidding around :)
  8. Top 12 Alliances

    So you are saying your players arent good enough? :P and you should not build cities where you cant protect them :P like OV they are like 2 different alliances and i bet they will say the same if we go and take them that their LS TT is way higher than our Br TT :P and no hard feeling mate i am...
  9. Top 12 Alliances

    another way of putting it will be - it will be a problem you guys cant break the siege, since we are half the number of people you are ;)
  10. Top 12 Alliances

    you cant say they havent tried :P i heard they sent 5k LS but still didnt break the siege :)
  11. Anonymous Empire

    Well this is what happens to a MRA :P