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  1. Nichy85

    Best Team Ever Assembled?

    We are saving money for you Mexi. One way ticket to the moon.
  2. Nichy85

    Top Alliance to watch for..

    Hun ...she?!
  3. Nichy85

    Domination Endgame Concept Feedback

    Please don't turn this game to sim city! I don't like an endgame, where massive alliances with many sim builders win. Pity
  4. Nichy85

    Pre-World Epidamnos Discussion Thread

    Nice, been some time. Let's see how grepo is lately.
  5. Nichy85

    New God Discussion Thread

    Tell me that's a joke!
  6. Nichy85

    Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    Mung and Erik are both noobs that don't know how to play CQ. Ops me too.
  7. Nichy85

    Goodbye sandip81

    Sad to see sandip go. All the best.
  8. Nichy85

    War updates.

    LOL Mungus is so famous!
  9. Nichy85

    Golgi Trash Talk

    I am in this world for the trading only, but as an observer I would like to give my congratulations to Dim and Sam. I have been against EN strategy for long, very long, but never ever assumed such an alliance can be split and fall apart from the inside. Good work and hopefully speed 3 worlds...
  10. Nichy85

    Speed 1 and Gold

    Very well said BlackPest. Activity is most important, the team ofc, and the amount of gold you can spend no matter of the speed, because it gives advantage to any. As for me, my last world was speed 4, its nice speed, but really when I got 70+ cities I started feeling pain while managing them...
  11. Nichy85

    To all the alliances in this world.

    Actually Dim knows a lot. He is an EN guy, don't you know? An Inside Man, so Ranga, nothing clueless here.
  12. Nichy85

    Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Lol I am online whenever needed. As for Yuchen i don't really know, he is aways here :P
  13. Nichy85

    Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Congratulations to EN, sorry I am a bit late, been busy :). Being in Q&Q has been great experience for me, I met awesome people. Big thanks to 2Plus2, Clowder, Sloth, Canby, Yuchen, Forstand, Lili, Chris, Jen, Ose, Joel...ahh sorry if I missed someone :). Speed 4 is too tiring for me and I...
  14. Nichy85

    Pnp E-R-I-K Errrik

    LOL Great
  15. Nichy85

    Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    That was a good laugh
  16. Nichy85

    Pnp The real fighters

    Lol that was fun. But i still don't like you :P
  17. Nichy85

    Pnp Leolis the fighter.

    Oh why so biter Erik, maybe because your friends did loose some cities lately? BTW Whytetwns is a woman right? I mean this is something we do...when we like the attention but don't wan the real thing. Offering something, running around it after and telling the other guys to protect you...
  18. Nichy85

    Speed 1 and Gold

    It's just the way people enplane all with gold. Erik and Blaze are also heavy gold users, why are all people jumping on TS about that? This drives me crazy and maybe that is why my response was bit sharper. I am regular to low gold spender , playing speed one and speed 4, and I can't really...
  19. Nichy85

    Speed 1 and Gold

    Lol Byzantium I believe was en26. Balrog was number one again, and TS won again.... So stop moaning and stop blaming Gold for your problems. And Erik, are my eyes seeing well? Are you really complaining about gold? We had seen your legendary gold usage not once after all.
  20. Nichy85


    Jamez, you really should take it easier