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  1. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    not hate if its a fact though? Compared to ST they weren't very good :)
  2. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    OV were ***, stop sucking them off
  3. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    jeez, imagine saying OV kek
  4. Huh

  5. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    my good old friend, you are more obsessed with me than my alliance is with OV (according to you)
  6. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    Why are you still arguing about this ****? OV are a bunch off trash cans thats all id like too say :)
  7. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    imagine still complaining a dead world kek
  8. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    well he is in fact correct xD, you are talking **** while being too much of a pussy to reveal who you actually are
  9. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    Secretly Masterspy and I are best buds
  10. A Short And Sound Plan To Save Grepolis

    Imo they should close out worlds a lot faster... Or make sure some end games dont drag out for too long (WW) I dont get why 130 is still open when the 7 WW have been built by 1 alliance, force players to move on to new worlds instead of being stuck in one
  11. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    and @Thooury stop being an 0zz *****, not a good look after his 'brainfart'
  12. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    lol only thing that matters is you accidentally dropping tomb
  13. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    me, guyman and alex are as clean as they come
  14. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    when did i spam :(
  15. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    OV spammed and ST spammed, idc what certain players spammed
  16. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    all these threats about next server lol everyone in this world spammed so dont cry about it kek
  17. New World Settings Poll Part 1

    look at the CQ scores :) and you know i was playing lol
  18. New World Settings Poll Part 1

    how did we sim though? We were the fighting alliance in 130... no one else