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  1. Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Not in the Top 12, yet, but Pinky and the Brain has a nice alliance image. :D
  2. Pinky and the Brain

    Thespaie did. That's my US server name. Perhaps it was Ouragos, I've used that name on both servers, too. Xen
  3. Pinky and the Brain

    Looking for experienced players with common sense and a sense of humor who enjoy "taking over the world." Playing nicely with others and clean language required. -Xen
  4. Hello Lost Souls!

    Okay LS, I formed the alliance: Pinky and the Brain, on world: Rhammus (en80). If you like conquest worlds and want to have some fun, come on over. Xen
  5. Hello Lost Souls!

    Hey, HS! Good to hear all is well there. I tried sending you and invite and got, "player is already on the server" message. I'm in O54.
  6. Hello Lost Souls!

    HI GANG! Xenagos here. I miss y'all, but have been keeping tabs on y'all. Sorry for having to duck out when I did. Real Life and such happened. I figured by coming off VM and punching out then deleting my account would give y'all the best chance to collect all my cities. I see on GrepIntel...