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  1. Dwarfthis

    A last ending worlds thought for Olynthus

    First off I want to thank everyone within ToTL Main/North The War Pigs and Nowa who worked together to achieve the win of this world. A lot of great people who contributed a lot to making that happen. Job Well done. Secondly, as the world dies the mad chase to see who can achieve 2nd within...
  2. Dwarfthis

    abuse of favor, you determine for yourself

    One has to look down thru the reports in order to view what was spelled within these attacks to get the clear picture of it all, and done within a 3 hr window as well. 5 heroic powers spelled which is 1k mana (copy the reports post them in a new mail and hit preview to view them)...
  3. Dwarfthis

    Warning due to an affront

    I feel there is a need for a discussion debate upon this topic and issue, as we are all adults here and within that, if it wasn't for the players who support grepolis, grepolis wouldn't be what they are today. And within this, a freedom of speech right to do such. I am finding this annoying...