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  1. oswinnorbert

    Carystus Global Newspaper

    They usually stop at 2
  2. oswinnorbert

    Carystus Global Newspaper

    Glad to see a newspaper , excited for this !
  3. oswinnorbert

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    who burst your bubble ?
  4. oswinnorbert

    Post Your Wall

    Set up for Showboating Walls. Have fun in the new world and good luck !
  5. oswinnorbert

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Just Setting up the Top 12 Sink or Swim Good luck in the server !
  6. oswinnorbert

    The Hen House: Fast Revolt Premade

    Played Since FR46 Zakros , then moved here , played since EN79 Pandosia here . Usually an active True Fear member , skype is The.Mighty.Rock.Lee
  7. oswinnorbert

    Announcement Goodbye

    A legend left , is there anyway i can still contact him ? If you ever come to read this be sure to contact me , because i remember we live like 10 mins away from each other
  8. oswinnorbert

    Pre-World Rhodes Discussion Thread

    Do you think its conquest or revolt ?
  9. oswinnorbert

    Ibra's Auto-Updating Maps

    Erm ... im still waiting for the maps ?
  10. oswinnorbert

    Straight Wicked

    I guess you can either do it in the new server coming up or here ... but its too late .. you seem to have joined Maltese knights eh ? ... was interested in seeing the progress of your "girl" alliance
  11. oswinnorbert

    Pre-World Rhodes Discussion Thread

    Gold trading too , if anyone wants built cities and resources in trade for protection in their alliance ... hit me up !
  12. oswinnorbert

    Heroes Of Pagasae

    Nominate one player who should be on the list of heroes on Pagasae . Give a reason why and do not vote for yourself ! I vote for EARL of SANDWICH - overall great guy , has a lot of growth and can play both aggressive and defensively .... nice to have on your team. Hall Of Heroes - Earl of...
  13. oswinnorbert

    The Hall of The Fallen

    I'll make a new threa d for that , how about "Hall of heroes"
  14. oswinnorbert

    The Hall of The Fallen

    This is embaressing ... i was in the same ocean as them yet i forgot ..
  15. oswinnorbert

    The Hall of The Fallen

    How could i forget ?!
  16. oswinnorbert

    The Hall of The Fallen

    Post Alliances and players who ghosted/quit/got rimmed/lost .... List of the Significant alliances who fell in dignity or in shame ... - Unwritten Symphony - No Brakes - Insomnia/Wake Up Call - Fear - Slyce - The Musketeers - Enigma - Blood Hounds List of Significant players who fell in...
  17. oswinnorbert

    Straight Wicked

    Yet the only other member in the alliance on this server is a male ... right.
  18. oswinnorbert

    Discussion Captain Farming Village Overview Addition

    I second this idea
  19. oswinnorbert

    Pnp Looking for someone to lead True Fear/True Love

    Pgezzy , you can't reveal your ign , because you wont be able to trash talk once we're done with you ..