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  1. toufiotis

    Kostis vs. masterspy

    @Kosti VS @MasterSpy --------------------------- here y are, we found the conflict of the server. PS: don't ruin other servers like OV(pauses/00) and tails(OP-team) , 00 is for zeros are you?
  2. toufiotis

    battle points - what it is?

    Mr Inno, I can't find my previous post for BP and I will spend few minutes re-open one. This post also is as much serious as Angela Merkel. @Baudin Toolan and I would like your opinion as INNO. I am a new player ... and I don't understand what is the battle points and how they are generated...
  3. toufiotis

    new world... is it true?

    Is it fake news Mr inno every week will open a new world? so we can play 15 -20 at the same time, and servers to have 150 people - so alliances can prove their team skills from start2end. :p What are the specs in terms of timings and are those defined? PS: Yes, we enjoy having servers full of...