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  1. Skipping tutorial

    I was first happy when a button of skipping tutorial appeared, but then I realized that tutorial quests give much more then this 50% resource boost is.Does anybody but me thinks so?
  2. New world

    Hi all, haven't been on for some time and noticed that new world hasn't been started yet.Anybody knows anything about it?
  3. Fire Ships

    Just checked the simulator and found out this:If I have 100 biremes and 100 fireships and get attacked by 100LSs I lose 100 biremes and 23 Fireships and he loses 100LSs. So it counts the fireship after the battle between other ships is done.Is that legit?Fireships cost less than biremes so...
  4. Advisers

    I don't know, maybe THEY don't want the advisers to be balanced but it is clear Captain is much better than any other. In addition Administrator is worthless after first 2 weeks of a game when every building takes 5 hours or so(Of coarse if you don't use +11 overview). Isn't it right?
  5. Special Buildings

    I'm nearly sure the answer is no, but I'll ask anyway.Can special building be demolished?
  6. Alliance types

    I know I shoul write this in "Ideas", but any time I write there I get 10 people shouting format! and it annoys me to write anything in that format when it is clear what I say without it. So, what do you think of this: Before alliance is created it's type is chosen. Democracy-every month it...
  7. How To Contact Inno?

    Hi everybody, I've thought about a new game and have created it's skeleton and a bit more.How can I contact Innogames to speak about it?I've tried their contact button, but they haven't replied for a week...
  8. New world

    Hi everybody, does anybody know the principle how dates of starting new servers are established?
  9. Unfair Grepo

    When I was a beginner I was playing multis, 8 multis, but never got baned for that, but when I left a friend my account for a day We both got bans.Is this fair?
  10. Old Grepo

    I feel nostalgia of old Grepo, could you make 1 server v 1.21?I'm sure many people will join.
  11. Old farms

    Hello, just felt a nostalgia of old Grepo and starting thinking about old times.Do you remember farms in 1.0 and 1.21? To say the truth it was better.
  12. Old Friend

    I want to contact a player who has left the game, "llalicc", maybe some of you already know him.Do you know how to find him? I know his surname is Lalic,is from Serbia, is an architect and is 50+.
  13. Wars

    if you are from top 12 alliance write what alliance you are fighting. :heh: