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  1. Masters Of Rogue Chaos - Victors Of Athens !

    congratulations morc, no complaints from me, you made the slog of WW seem easy. dagger
  2. Updates

    Below reports show the "glitch"... please view the reports if you're open minded enough to believe your enemies are not all liars. I'm not a sore loser, I strongly believe we were robbed on this occasion... not sure if we would have held the siege. These things happen and i/triad will rebuild...
  3. CS - unusual question?

    I seem to have got myself in a situation which I presume unusual! I've sent out a CS which has landed and my new city will be founded in 23hours I have an attack inbound due in 1 hour which I believe to be a CS conquest (as the attack from this city usually take 2 hours, and this one has...
  4. urgent! Building CS and attack on it's way

    update for you, dodged a treat! thanks for your help! LD
  5. urgent! Building CS and attack on it's way

    thanks guys, looks like panic over! I will support local friend cheers Paul.
  6. urgent! Building CS and attack on it's way

    Hi, hoping someone can offer some advice here... quickly! World: Tau I'm building a CS ship to colonise this is due to complete in 2 hours I've an attack inbound in 2 hours 20 mins, expected large naval presence When sending out CS I believe you also need to send some troops and transport...