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  1. Not a Bug Taks can´t be done

    Now I've task (from the tutorial) what says I've to loot resources from my farms via the farming village overview. The days that you get the captain for free are already gone and I can't get to that overview now... Anyone who knows what to do?
  2. Alliance opinions

    Hi there, Something we did at least on the Dutch forum: I choose 3 alliances and the next tells his opinion about those 3 alliances. The person who told his opinion will choose 3 again etc. - The Ottomans - In Kontrol - Black knights
  3. Contract Killers

    Contract Killers Ocean 55 only Recruiters (In-game): -TaniaC -Vincenzo Rallday Don't bother if your points are lower than our average. Contact (Forum): Persie15 Contact (In-game): Irreverent.
  4. No stats

    I wanted to look for the grepolis stats of world 69 but I see it stops at 67 already? Or am I blind? Sincerely, Persie15
  5. Banned?

    Dear grepolis players and moderators, yesterday I got banned because someone told a racistic joke on the forum. And because I got the forum moderator authorizations, I got banned for it, while I'm not the official moderator. I just got them to do my "own" work in the alliance (alliance...