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  1. And Thus ZFG takes the Crown

    Congrats to you all. You guys earned it.
  2. Trash Talk

    Just admit it... this server misses me.
  3. Top 12 sink or swim

    RIP Supa...
  4. Top 12 sink or swim

    PM me... I'll explain to you how you are wrong. No need for discussions publicly like this one.
  5. W.A.R.ends here

    I just found out Gaby and Akinjoe arent banned. They did hang #BinderComing signs up in all their towns and have evacuated as far south as a 48 hour cs will take them.
  6. NoobMeUp, Portrait of Lato's Most Hated

    Here lies Jeremy....
  7. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    how about top 5??
  8. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I love hearing statements like this. Gimme a list of your top 10 so i can make a post in this thread every time I take a city from one of them.
  9. Top 12 Players

    The fact you have whiplady in top 10 of this server lets me know this list is poop.
  10. The Entourage -

    Recruitment contact on skype?
  11. Pre-World Taras Discussion Thread

    Any best of the best premades out there want another good player? Considering playing here.
  12. Top 5 alliances discussion

    1. MIP 2. Four Horseman 3. Dont Cry 4. doesnt matter
  13. Alliance opinions

    Im just saying ladycod... check CQ history for proof.
  14. Alliance opinions

    MIP... best out there.
  15. Rate The Player Above You

    Never heard of this dude... funny reading all your posts and most of you dont even exist anymore. Meanwhile this realm is run by me and MIP.