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  1. vinnysbluer

    Wanted: Experienced players

    Hey people I wondered if any of the experienced players would be interested in playing on world Amisos. If anyone is interested msg me. thx vinnysbluer
  2. vinnysbluer

    Question Farms

    I have just returned to playing Grepolis after a break from it And have begun playing on 6th gen world Amisos. The question I have is on these smaller islands with spaces for colonisation, all different numbers, are there farms present and if so how many? Thanks vinny
  3. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Hi there, I play grep through the Internet Exploerer App on my xbox 360. For the last week I haven't been able to buy gold. When I go to the 'Buy Gold' screen the screen opens but there's nothing there. Can you help? The farming is becoming a bit of a nightmare! vinny