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  1. vinnysbluer

    Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    I used to enjoy visiting the forum but on this world I`ve never read such crap repeated over and over again. What exactly do the mods do, letting the forums get in this state.
  2. vinnysbluer

    Competition Wars of Byblos 2.0

    Do none of you children have any respect for other players???> Obviously not!!!
  3. vinnysbluer

    Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    At least you try. Seems like whatever you do to create a topic theres always these `Players` who hijack and only want to insult. Where have the proper players gone? Those who actually want to play have definitely disappeared.:eek:
  4. vinnysbluer


    Nice to see how the other half live....... there are other parts of this world which will affect whats happening here.
  5. vinnysbluer

    Hi peoples

    And Hi to magick.;)
  6. vinnysbluer

    Hi peoples

    Grepointel still not up and running but Grepolis-stats manage to.
  7. vinnysbluer

    Important need to know classified intel!

    I`d be interested to know how many players who play now played on the original Beta test world 1. I played on world 1 till the next gen World 2 and on and off since then, internet access permitting. I still enjoy it as much and haven`t found a better game.
  8. vinnysbluer

    Wanted: Experienced players

    Hey people I wondered if any of the experienced players would be interested in playing on world Amisos. If anyone is interested msg me. thx vinnysbluer
  9. vinnysbluer

    Question Farms

    I have just returned to playing Grepolis after a break from it And have begun playing on 6th gen world Amisos. The question I have is on these smaller islands with spaces for colonisation, all different numbers, are there farms present and if so how many? Thanks vinny
  10. vinnysbluer

    Top 12 Top 12: Players

    Hey guys how many of you have played on ther worlds under a different user name?
  11. vinnysbluer

    Farming Simulator not working

    This is an issue I`m experiencing. vinny:heh:
  12. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Try reading the original post!!! bah!
  13. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Try reading then original post!!!
  14. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    They do! or I couldn`t play.
  15. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Same as man.
  16. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

  17. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Up until a week ago I was able to use the `Buy Gold` facility.
  18. vinnysbluer

    Gold Issue

    Hi there, I play grep through the Internet Exploerer App on my xbox 360. For the last week I haven't been able to buy gold. When I go to the 'Buy Gold' screen the screen opens but there's nothing there. Can you help? The farming is becoming a bit of a nightmare! vinny