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  1. Ireland, Apple and €13billion

    This happened a while ago but do ye think it's fair or wrong that an EU Commision can decide whether or not a sovereign country's tax arrangements are illegal?? It created a lot of debate here at the time
  2. So who's reading what??

    Just interested in what ye are all reading. I'm just about to start the James Bond collection by Ian Fleming. Recently finished The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
  3. 2017 Hurling

    Of course I have to put up some hurling stuff haha. Tipperary or Kilkenny are favourites for the year as usual but neither are a dominant force anymore. Could be an open year...
  4. 6 Nations

    Any rugby fans here?? Predictions for who'll win?? Personally I think Ireland but I am biased of course. Probably not a grand slam though
  5. Wow

    Wow can't believe I was the last person to post in sports almost a year ago when I stopped playing. I'll put up a few things in it
  6. Star wars

    So anybody else see the new film and what do you think
  7. Ufc

    So just curious as an Irish person what are ye thinking of Conor Mc Gregor after he beat Aldo??
  8. All reland Hurling Championship 2015

    For all you interested people out there the hurling season has started. First match was Clare vs Limerick. Clare lost by a point. Both teams played a man down after 2 red cards. Serious questions are now being asked about Clare manager Davy Fitzgerald as Clare have only won 1 out of 11...
  9. Z.A.T.O. Members

    Any ZATO members who see this the alliance is being reformed as PHOENIX with THORTACUS as leader again so if you want to go back to how things were join PHOENIX