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  1. supermario95

    Newspaper Politics Weekly Issue 1

    Good read, hope to see some more
  2. supermario95

    is penaldo a spy

    HOw can you be a spy you are a footballer who's majority of goals come from the penalty spot. Footballers aren't spies hence the reason they play football. So no you can't be a spy.
  3. supermario95

    Cry Room

    This is quite kind of you indeed
  4. supermario95

    Newspaper Emporion Chronicles Issue One

    That newspaper was well quick,well done WOF- 25
  5. supermario95

    Newspaper Emporion Chronicles

    Good to see a paper on its way and good to be back in Grepo, I missed it.
  6. supermario95

    Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

  7. supermario95

    Trash Talk Thread ~ EN84 Abdera

    Your face is awful but we deal with it still
  8. supermario95

    EN83 Premade :P

    Things to expect in grepo. 1-New world 2-Hype 3-Mauw starting a premade 4-Some goldwhore has 15 cities out of Beginners Protection 5-Mauw's premade sinks 6-World won by largest and most active group of skilled goldwhores (or some stupid rim alliance)
  9. supermario95

    Inactive Topic The ability to edit your own thread titles

    This is quite brilliant because it is needed.
  10. supermario95

    Trash Talking Thread~EN 82 Taras

    All I gets from that alliance name sadly is pests, old latin words don't show up really.
  11. supermario95

    Ally, War, Disband

    Ally: Fury War: Impervious Disband: The dominion Chaos theory hellhounds providence
  12. supermario95

    Trash Talking Thread~EN 82 Taras

    Good its nice when you don't speak at all.
  13. supermario95

    Pnp Ragnorak top boy shows why alliance lasted so long.

    OH.... You should your name from head hunter to grammer fixer.
  14. supermario95

    Pnp Ragnorak top boy shows why alliance lasted so long.

    ^Sorry to say he left due to RL but no one cares about that do they. If you noticed his city was internalled. But goldwhores don't need grepointel.
  15. supermario95

    Pnp Ragnorak top boy shows why alliance lasted so long.

    Wow, this PewPew dude is scary. Fury is so lucky to have him, it's a shame that he has declared war on my alliance. I should just ghost immediately..............
  16. supermario95

    Gold trading making trading less attracitve

    Agree, because to trade resources you have to go far into the tabs.
  17. supermario95

    King of the Hill

    Why have a hill when you can have the mountain right next to it. MY larger HILL.
  18. supermario95


    The best way to rim is to wait a day and a half, then look at the world map and start in the direction furthest from the core, because by then the random direction will start filling up the areas which are closet to the core, I believe.
  19. supermario95

    King of the Hill

    I call out my friend chuck norris for your dragons, My hill.
  20. supermario95

    Off Topic / Banter / SamuraiDragon is Illuminati

    Grepo is illuminati confirmed