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  1. oskarghost96

    Pnp Epic Next Level Strats

    Ayyy , So as well know Grepolis has become a very tactical focused game where strategy is used at its core to defeat the enemy, those stronger or those weaker. We all know that the game is all about making the best plays, taking down those who oppose you, those who have cities you want. We all...
  2. oskarghost96

    need someone to create a sig

    Sig for the site using this image: the logo in it would be cool would be good if it had the text Shadow Isles and Oskarghost96 on it thx
  3. oskarghost96

    Pnp Where did all the Light Ships go?

    My first attempt at a PnP :P So it's a usual day, Lord Haakon gets an enemy city in siege and we expect the worst. and so we stacked the city with support, like any other alliance does But then we realized that We couldn't figure out what it was, maybe Admiral Naji just felt super...
  4. oskarghost96

    This deserves an Ultra entry ;)

    Hello, I am Oskar ;) I have played Grepolis since about April 2010 :) My cousin was kind enough to show me when I was over at his for easter, and made me an account, hence the n00b name Oskarghost96 as I had no idea he chose it :P I just said sure i'll play the game, turned out it was a lot of...