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  1. Top 12 v2

    is it too late to join this server? is the competition good?
  2. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    what happened to TPC? :D ;):p
  3. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    i expected more ... they aren't fighting properly ... :/
  4. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    finally someone mentioned us, Silly Rabbits :D
  5. Top 12 Top 12

    from the top 12, it appears that this a boring server ... :(
  6. Trash Talk

    no bro, i just visited the forum 2 days ago ... i'm too late for the action :P :(
  7. Trash Talk

    nice seeing you again :) :po_O i guess you're back in the game :P
  8. Trash Talk

    bro, how's your retirement plan? :)o_O
  9. Milestones

    is the cartel from 110 joining here?
  10. Pnp The Ghosting and Quitting of Invicta Leaders

    Grab cities from Hunkiller and Skudish? they must be extremely inactive to allow you to take cities from them ... these guys won't hesitate to use gold to rebuild their bireme nukes in a matter of hours ... if you manage to take a city from very active, gold users like Erik and from that alpha...
  11. Pnp The Ghosting and Quitting of Invicta Leaders

    not to mention the fact that those are copy paste materials from the original text (if such text exists), highly susceptible to editing lol
  12. The Fall and Sack of Invicta

    you can post samples here with dates ... i have left Cary more than a year ago, so i won't be able to read them ... + you are making claims here for everyone to read ... it's only reasonable that you provide proof
  13. The Fall and Sack of Invicta

    or you are lying ... unless you provide proof that he was defending, spelling attacks, and golding walls (0 to 20 in a matter of minutes) ... post some reports to back up your claim ...
  14. Pre-World Pharae Discussion Thread

    Invicta built all the 7WWs in Carystus in record time ... Toon was able to build all WWs after the server died lol (some ghosts on wws also) ... they also won Pagasae :P
  15. The Fall and Sack of Invicta

    wow :P We have been defeated lol ... We have left the server ages ago after all the 7 WWs were built :P i don't know who are you attacking, probably scraps ... if this is your way of drawing silver and Mac to react, then by all means go for it :D congrats to Noc for being the top dog of this...
  16. To the Memory of the Fallen Warriors

    you write good poems brother :) this definitely rivals Silver's ...
  17. Newspaper Trash Talk

    hellow Serena :)
  18. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    this is an admission that there is really something wrong with the server ... lol ... start a rebellion and start building biremes for sniping ... i'm sure a quality player like you can weather the storm :D ... or if you make the cut, you can obliterate those at the bottom of the food chain...
  19. Wonder prediction

    4 Victrix, 0 Bloods, 3 Nocs
  20. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    i thought there is a cut