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  1. The rawr

    Trash Talk

    Start the war of words. Be civilized and love each other.
  2. The rawr

    Not a Bug Bug in conquest GUI

    After the CS is in - seeing incoming from all players nearby in Thebes! So far seeing this strange stuff for the first time in this game, when there were no actual attacks/support at all... Went to info tab once and then again get back to conquest tab, all are suddenly gone before I screen...
  3. The rawr

    What happened to Gela??

    What happened to our precious Gela? No WAR news? No Ego clashes? No Forum Guy? No En-krypted messages? Still Krypt and OV are the only 2 alliances on the news radar... Oh its pretty heart-breaking stuff here in the forum. Is every other alliance became so lame to start a good...
  4. The rawr

    New Update Bugs on city recruitment page (Opera)

    Reproducing the bug - This bug is only observed on Opera Browser, I tried with Mozila, its not present there - 1. Go to your city. 2. Go to Barrack/Harbor. 3. The favor symbol is changed. 4. Recruit troops, u will only able to see the time remaining. No information on how many troops...
  5. The rawr

    Pnp The Doom of The Myrmiddons!!

    We, The Ultimate Kill Squad, hate to break this news to the world that The Myrmiddon's doom is now approaching their empire. Their faults - 1. they are M.R.A who forgot their place and continue their recruitment inside UKS territory, thinking that it will be over-looked. . 2. As everyone...
  6. The rawr

    Pnp Fate sealed for Highland Scottish Clan - The MacLeod Clan - Son of Leod

    As the farce and bloody battle waged on between "The Ultimate Kill Squad vs TEMPLAR ASCENTION" where UKS just smashed off an alliance of 4x size of them, The MacLeod Clan became worried. They were still calling The Ultimate Kill Squad as their friends. UKS is a respectful alliance which...
  7. The rawr

    Pnp Krypteia Really!!!

    Well, I didnt wished to waste my time on making a whole new PnP on Krypteia at the moment, specially when they are far away from The Ultimate Kill Squad, but it seemed, their guys are really getting bored and need some fun on the forums. Unlike the other 2 PnPs which I made, I am not going to...
  8. The rawr

    Pnp The fall of the evil (TEMPLAR ASCENSION) Empire

    Once upon a time in Gela, around the year 2012 AD, 1 princess named Perrin Al Thor, decided to become the queen of the great Templar Ascension kingdom, that was so000 great that the name must be written in bold always - TEMPLAR ASCENSION. Now while she was running towards the queen's chamber...
  9. The rawr

    Pnp The Mighty Fallen -

    Once upon a time, a mighty alliance name The Fallen rose from the Tao ashes to get kicked out from Gela...When they are on the verge of saying good bye and their alliance's system failed, out of desperation they have sent a message to the tiny tony, weak and Noobish alliance named Malicious -...
  10. The rawr

    PnP>>The Unit and Alpha

    Well, it seems Alpha invited The Unit Steam Roller towards them to check if they can STOP it. Hopefully this will gonna be FUN when Alpha declared WAR on The Unit...Pathetic Noob Leadership and Self-Destruction decision this is, specially when they saw Dogs are almost down without making any...
  11. The rawr

    The Unit VS Dogs Of War..???

    Well, last I saw them, the famouse Dogs groups of Omicron, tht consits of Dogs of War, The Dogs of War Elite, Dogs Of War-Hegemony and dont know how many War Dogs will come...But one thing I can promise, seeing the STATs, it is obvious that The days of Dogs in Omicron are very near to END...
  12. The rawr

    Artemis and Rest

    Well, I feel bored..So I am creating this thread. Any update on them??
  13. The rawr

    Death Bringer

    Eventually one day in our lives we all have to make a stand for what we believe in. Death Bringer was formed in that Image. You don't seem to realize my situation here. I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss, or anyone. I will rule this sector or see it burnt to...