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    grey hammer on island

    i am currently on new world Rhethymnos am wondering if there is a set time for when the grey hammers emerge on island to be able to invite friend next door to you and if so could i get a heads up on when this will come to pass

    confermation of no ww in hero worlds

    would just like to make sure off someone who knows for sure, that there will be no ww era in all hero worlds,including newly opened world Rhethymnos yes ?????

    World Wonder Eta for Achilles (and other hero worlds)

    i have only noticed there is no ww pitch site on islands in Achilles,does this mean that there wont be a ww era for Achilles or will the pitches be added later,also there aint any empty islands i can land a cs on with farms but hundreds of empty islands around me,will farms be added once i...

    Breakthrough mode

    would like to know just how many ls is needed to send with troops before breakthrough actually comes into effect, i sent 50 ls with the rest troops travelling in fts,it made no impact at all with only 2 fts making it through,i feel robbed as i probably would of gotten more than 2 ships through...

    how to post a screen pic

    how do you post a screen shot,i have tried to do via google,have got closer but still not there,iv taken screen pic using print screen tab,av tried doing it with mspaint also tried on comp start search also found the snipping tool so can save any part of screen,can save it but not post,is it...

    xmas cease-fire truce

    i wanted to put it to all the leaders of tau if we should have a ceasefire for christmas to celebrate the goodwill to all men/woman season,it will be a time where we can spend with friends or loved ones without concerns of incoming attacks lol,if we go ahead with idea id say it starts 00:00...

    bugs in tau

    i report a bug in tau and pythagorus closes thread with no help,plzzz pythagorus dont!!! reply if your goner be as helpfull as a chocholate fire gaurd :Angry:

    bug in tau

    last 4 or 5 days me and others have been having trouble switching between cities,also the coords on saved places have shifted,have managed to bypass bug by pressing f5 on computer to switch cities at least,however same time it started the game on my phone also messed up,same problem cant switch...