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  1. This World

    Well hello there
  2. Closing Down Shop?

    I'll admit that even though my presence has been non existent since 2015, the itch sure is back for wanting to play. however it seens Conquest speed 2/3 morale inactive doesnt exist any more :(
  3. Masked Profanity - Domination

    if only sleep wasnt so precious to me nowadays :(
  4. Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade

    Well I’ll keep my eye on it every so often then, won’t play morale though
  5. Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade

    Room for one more? Just realised how old this thread is, oh well
  6. a round of applause

    Cut your losses, find life again haha
  7. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    I had fun back in the day, in my opinion any 'best team' that started after the attack alarm should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sleeping and Not being alerted to incoming and relying on the team to save you and vice versa relying on trips etc Being a good and dominating alliance without the...
  8. you should be glad Grepolis is declining

    I'm gonna call it.. May have said this once or twice, the attack alarm killed the game
  9. We want a new server (Please)

    And they are?
  10. If en100 was something different, what would you want?

    The option for ' no alarm' isn't listed. Otherwise I may have played
  11. TBT To When Everyone Said We'd Fail

    Lato seems like it would have been a fun world :)
  12. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    yeh mate, looked at helike recently? pot, kettle, black
  13. Pre World Lato Discussion Thread

    yeh i hear ya, nothing wrong with people getting the settings they want. hell i thought the voting thing they did for another world was awesome. I'm just grumbling for grumbles sake i guess, its the WW thing mainly, worlds die when they start and that every 6 months the perfect settings for a...
  14. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    tiger blood flows through me
  15. Pre World Lato Discussion Thread

    what a coincidence that a certain group of people announced that they would join and under what settings.... and what do you know, it happened again. they got their settings
  16. Helike Rumour Mill

    Rumour has it, its a bad idea to spam me the whole time you are online, because then i know exactly when you are not on :P
  17. Helike Rumour Mill

    Welcome to the 'Helike Rumour Mill' Everyone loves a good juicy rumour, True or not the gossip wagon churns on! So pull up a seat around the mill and spread the latest bit of hearsay! Keep it to Helike alliance/player Rumours involving ingame activities, statements such as "I heard a Rumour...