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  1. daizan

    Slyther/n - Speed 2 Conquest World

    Slyther/n Desired settings: CONQUEST (without colonising and ghost taking) Speed: 2 | Unit Speed: 2-5 | Inactive | Cap 100+ Desired traits: Activeness or Lots of Gold Knowledge or Eagerness WhatsApp or Skype Desired mindset: Team First and Be Aggressive Winning is great but creating...
  2. daizan

    Pnp Interesting Things Happening On This Server

    First of all lets just say we are too old to play with Lego, you are too. Normally we will come when we smell blood but this early in the game, you are just not relevant enough, we are content when we are number one so you have nothing to look forward to. We allow 5 simultaneously at anyone...
  3. daizan

    Venominium (en80)

    Alliance Name: Venominium Starting Direction: North-West (ocean 44) Founder(s): Kadjayuni / Venomous D (draganaxx) Recruitment: daizan Squad Leader(s): Selected based on activeness once the server starts. Everything Else: Kadjayuni We are looking to add good (or want to be good)...
  4. daizan

    We want a new server (Please)

    This is a petition for speed 2 conquest server with a alliance cap of 100+ and without morale. We want a new server for the summer.... without a morale coz morale sucks!! the life out of a server after the top players break away from the pack and punishes players for being good, punishes...
  5. daizan

    The Void - Black Edition

    Hello, we new new playars wanna estartt estronngg alliance with all estronngg peoplez. we lot of exprincess in gamings GTA shootings, killings, eshtealing cars, eh hihi : ) ) we need you to joinings so we no kill you too much and hurt you feelings, eh hihi : ) ) we serious, very very...
  6. daizan

    Pnp 24 Hour Notice For Members Of Chaos Hunters

    For those of you who don't know who we are and why we are called Venom let me give you a clue... You see we are a constitution dedicated to bringing new players through, teaching them the right way to play, preventing self-serving snakes like your leaders from using/misleading/manipulating...
  7. daizan

    Top 12 ABP Alliances Stats & Discussion

    Here we go... 1 Venom 2.0 842 2 Chaos Hunters 767 3 Reapers Of Death 763 4 The Legion Of The Damned 501 5 Roman Western Empire 380 6 Demos Kratos 322 7 Paros Imperium 216 8 New Era 135 9 black death 59 10 Polis 44 11 Soul Virus 39 12 Black Legion 38...
  8. daizan

    Top 12 Alliance Discussions

    To stop noobs from making a thread called "top 12 top 12 alliances" :) Update: Rank Name Points Players Average points 1 Legions of Gaul 79807 90 887 2 Never Walk Alone 79387 87 912 3 Reapers Of Death 67020 77 870 4 Venom 2.0 59113 67 882 5 The Lucky Ones 27248 36 757...
  9. daizan

    Is It Me You Are Waiting For?

    Since no one else posted thought i would kick things off and say HELLO WORLD!!
  10. daizan

    Venom 2.0

    Venom 2.0 Leader(s): 4/TBD War General: daizan Recruiter: Pythagorus Will Only Join A World That Offers These Settings: World Speed: 2 Unit Speed: 3 Morale: Inactive Alliance Cap: 80+ Conquering System: Revolt Directions: South-West (Ocean 45) Background On Venom: We have played and...
  11. daizan

    It's Now Open!!!

    Unless of course you are joining with me, saint and co in ocean 54 please wait until 1700 (utc+1) before joining the world. And remember having fun is the most important part.
  12. daizan

    mIND Infestation

    Just out of curiosity, say there was someone you know starts an alliance with such name smack bang middle of ocean 54 on en58 server which will come out after valentines, would you be able to dedicate some time to be part of it. I can't promise nothing but my guess would be it would have a life...
  13. daizan

    Bellerophon Opinions Thread

    Use the template below too express your opinions en41 alliances and players, please respect other people opinions and stick to the format provided. Just thought I post a thread to allow people to express their opinions without all the off-topic drama. Best Alliances 1- 2- 3- Best Players...
  14. daizan

    Bellerophon - The Funny

    Post your screenshots and pms of the funny things you have come across or been part of in en41 Here is mine: If you dont get it, i was being sarcastic.
  15. daizan

    Top 12 Alliance A-Baps

    Rank Alliance Name Attack Points 1 The Pink Death 1121 2 Eviction Notice 318 3 Eviction Notice 2 215 4 Ace of Hearts 209 5 Valkyrie 67 6 Armageddon 2
  16. daizan

    The Pink Death (for now)

    yeah boi, it's opened, North-west in an alliance called pink death, holla for invites
  17. daizan

    Milestones of Lamia*

    coz so few alliance compete for alliance miletones, I am not going to do 2nd and 3rd for it this time around. The turquoise milestones represent the best players and the best alliance during the peak of the server imo. Player Milestones Attack Battle Points 500 Points: 1st DjTwistedBlues 2nd...
  18. daizan

    Top 12 ABP ALLi4NC3S

    I figure since R4GE is a going to be a prominent name on this thread we might as styleze the thread title to match our alliance name. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you spend more time attacking less time hating ;P 1 R4GE 72 - You can't be better than the best but if a alliance...
  19. daizan

    Top 12 Lamia Alliances innit :)

    Death in Motion 16382 50 328 Ghost Riders 8686 28 310 Hades Revenge 8202 25 328 VIRus 6723 21 320 R4GE 5390 19 284 - Carlsberg made this alliance. Disturbed Animals 5330 20 267 WE ARE ALL GREEK 4272 16 267 The Hounds 4079 14 291 Typhoon Wrath 3639 12 303...
  20. daizan

    OMG I been waiting for this settings.

    Love the setting perfect everything so join me in 54 making a alliance gonna kick some butts. We are still undecided on a name. but our members so far berserxes Hilop daizan Eq Curly Asth dragana Jennesis iCyber join the click but I am sorry to say no newbes can't deal with it on this server