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  1. Persian Conquest

    Is there going to be Artemisia I of Caria (Persian Conquest) event or something like that anywhere in 2015/16? I dont know about you, but I enjoyed it and would love to do it again... :Pro: Ohh and also I want to hear what was your...
  2. Discussion

    Guys, lets discuss the world! What are your thoughts on situation/pacts/naps/enemies.... be communicative. I want to hear feedbacks :-) Please only the ones that are still in the world, otherwise it gets boring... I dont care about history...
  3. Simmer world

    Are you guys really playing on that world? Why the hell dont your buy yourself Sim city? Its the same as Hyperborea, but it has better graphics ;-)
  4. Endurance vs The World

    Ashamed of my damn trashtalk lol.