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  1. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    I started few weeks after world begins just for some gold farm, kill 2 MRAs next to me solo and was going to quite since there was no reason to stay.. but then I read TF external propaganda and remember these jokes from previous worlds.. If you look at the map closer, I have at least 15 front...
  2. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    ROFL I have not seen a single attack or conquest attempt from your trash team, all you can do is flipp cities..
  3. Kurbads.

    Hall of Fame & Hall of Shame

    pgalland25 Hall of Shame who left his comrades on the battlefield by jumping into vm being OPed
  4. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    said unknown noobie being in vac mode who earned 13k bps in 2 months
  5. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    pgalland25 lost city and jump into vac mode. End of mighty True Fear story
  6. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    I'm sure you won't experience that...
  7. Kurbads.

    Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    maybe try one world without fail after beginning protection runs out.. whole world hugging against true fear? thats TF propaganda they are in soft bed with Unsung Heroes & Errors..
  8. Kurbads.

    The next to disband

    Legacy will be great addition
  9. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    said external entertainment guy lol
  10. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    mr. anonymos internal fighter, who make everyone around his dream world ghost lol
  11. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    said who ? I winished 3 worlds, noone of your lil spamers get even small peace i achieved, like mr wnb lethal bacon was owned like lil garbage and run back to internals .
  12. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    ye they are.. but im not the inglishmen, you cross wrong man lil bot.. and dont tell me about spam lil boy.. even these inglish tards know whats going to happen when they mess with kurb
  13. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    listen, stfu little chezh player with russian bot! we all know ( stipid inglishemns) you use it, militias with unlimited resourses.. in sleeping time, always run out troops, timed attacks ( again only in your czhech time zone) Im here for 10 years, seen russian bots before.. Inno dont give a...
  14. Kurbads.

    Pnp Golder Teams(Alliances)!

    Czech guests like russians have some magic superpower, 6 attacks/supports in the 2 seconds.. well done Benisss, try to not run out of gold, Inno don't like it.. anyhow we all know how this gonna end. HF
  15. Kurbads.

    Top 10 Sink or Swim

    and what you gonna do lil jokes? All together.. lets try! Kurbads. gonna be your main Temple we all know why you need to change your name every new world you try to "help some buddy".. it always ends with the same thing as it begins - with tears. I didn't change my name since 2010 and I have...
  16. Kurbads.

    Milestones Congratulations to OCEANS VETERANS

    congrats! well done OV
  17. Kurbads.

    World over view after 5 day protection comes off

    you can buy crown and troops, but you can' t buy skill.. paying tons of money just to pretend to be good in a browser game is quite lame. Of course it's your own business and Inno need players like you, I just find much more interesting playing solo without spending money against 10 goldies like you
  18. Kurbads.

    TKF'S Power Rankings Edition Six: A Stalemate Broken, Spirtum Sancti Rises, War of Kings Falls Out, Chaos Everywhere!

    actually you are just a little garbage in the rim ocean, fighting mostly with inactives and ghosts.. beasties sieges was supported by Bazooka Bunnies, Nightmare Bunnies, Ice and Fire and even with randall lol Noone of you newbs use alarm overnight, so sit in your rank7 and stfu
  19. Kurbads.

    TKF's Top 12 Power Rankings First Edition

    2. Balkan Boyz both founders moonwalker72n & Sasha Sax ( same person imo ) was banned 3 days for using bots, same as 90% of souvalki team before.. there are no leadership/organization at all.. what you talking about? they cant be contenders and never will be even in such a low world like...
  20. Kurbads.

    Top 12 Teos

    first world i win was Epsilon 7 years ago with nickname Kurb. But I don't need to proof anything here, keep spamming and verbally satisfy yourself here. This is your world. 9 years already lol