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  1. J.n.c 1993

    Announcement Goodbye

    Well... It's been over a month since playing Grepolis or logging on to these forums. Last month my dad passed, and I haven't given Grepolis a thought at all until now... And I look now, I just don't want to be, how do I put it... Waste my time here anymore, just to put it bluntly. I've...
  2. J.n.c 1993

    Announcement New mod

    Hey all! I'm the new moderator for this forum. Do try to play nice. I'll be watching over you all like a hawk! James :cool:
  3. J.n.c 1993

    Announcement Your amazing mod!

    Hello ladies and gents! I'll be your legendary moderator for World Taras forum. For all you that don't know me, my name is James, just call me that! That's all you need to know ;) be good, don't spam and we'll have a swell time, I'm sure hehe. Good luck on Taras and most importantly, have...
  4. J.n.c 1993

    Merry Christmas!

    Sorry I don't know if this belongs here or in the off topic section... But I'll like to wish a merry Christmas to everyone & happy new year too all on the community forums! Have a good one! I hope Santa & Zeus gets everything you wished for! Kind regards, James
  5. J.n.c 1993


    Hi guys, Wasn't sure where to post this... A couple of days ago, I had a friend introduce me to this company ACN, used to be known as American Communications Network. My mate wants me to sign up, but not only is it quite expensive but to make the money back is unlikely. I'm not interested...
  6. J.n.c 1993

    Your new mod!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm your new forum moderator for world Mochlos, taking over from Sasukepran. Please be careful with me, I can be mean ;) Just call me James or Mr. Mod, whatever suits you best hehe. I'll be monitoring this forum as my 3rd forum to watch over you all like God :P...
  7. J.n.c 1993

    Your new mod!

    Hello ladies and gents! I am your new moderator for world Olynthus. I prefer to be called by my name James or Jay, or you can call me Mr.Mod if you like :P Now time to go through all the threads and make sure they're all community friendly :) please keep spam to a minimum and I'm sure we...
  8. J.n.c 1993

    Rate the player above you!

    Time to liven up the forum! I think everyone here knows how to play this simple game. If you don't I'll give a short explanation: Rate the player who posts above you out of 10, for his/her points, alliance, ABP, DBP and reputation. E.G; J.n.c 93 Points - 7 Alliance - 8 ABP - 6 DBP - 2...
  9. J.n.c 1993

    Your new mod!

    Hey everyone, I am your amazing new friendly moderator! ;) Some of you may know me, if you do, then oh... lol. I will be watching over you all like God. Behave and be good! You can call me James/Jay or Mr.Mod... whatever you feel like :P if you want to get to know me more then please feel...
  10. J.n.c 1993

    The most pathetic alliance in Grepolis

    The most pathetic alliance in Grepolis. Hello ladies & gentlemen of Edessa! Today I am going to criticize the most pathetic alliance that I have ever witnessed in Grepolis, as it says in the title of this thread. And no this is not a PnP, I don't have time to get pics and edit them... So the...
  11. J.n.c 1993

    Current events on Edessa

    Well since you lot are being boring or dead silent... wait I sound like a hypocrite, sorry! :P Lets look at the current events going on in Edessa and I will post my thoughts on them, I expect others to do the same. It seems the former close allies Asgard & Independent OUTCASTS have been...
  12. J.n.c 1993

    Rome Total War II

    Ok, so who here is a Total War fan on the PC? I most certainly am and I definitely cannot wait for the release of Rome Total War II later this year, it looks so aswesome! :) Some links, if you didn't know; Who else is...
  13. J.n.c 1993

    What if...?

    Starting a new thread to keep the Eta forums even more active :) This thread is about the what if's in Eta. What if this didn't happen, or that? Lemme get started. What if CR was never formed? What if Whateverr and his FF crew stayed with BA permanently...
  14. J.n.c 1993

    Rate the signature above!

    Thought we can have this in the naxos forum ;) you know what to do. But for the new guys who do not, all you have to do is rate the above forum user's signature ranging from 1-10, my 3 sigs are in the spoilers. Simple. So what do you guys think of my 3 sigs? Which one is the best one in your...
  15. J.n.c 1993

    Intermediate Sig request

    Hey guys, need a new sig; Size - The same size as my other 2 sigs. Text 1 - Humlegutten Text 2 - Omicron; Pale Riders. Naxos; Spartiates. Theme - A warrior and a lightning theme if that's possible :) Erm not really sure what else to say lol. Can anyone help me out with the sig please...
  16. J.n.c 1993

    Most Over-rated and under-rated players

    Hey guys, I saw this thread in the Eta forum, so I thought I'll copy it and post it here for entertainment. Who is the most over-rated and under-rated players in omicron and why? Post like this, for example; Most over-rated; J.n.c 93 because everyone likes him but he never actually does...
  17. J.n.c 1993

    Rise and fall of The Elite!

    Good evening my fellow Eta friends, History shows us that great nations rise and fall. Babylon and Greece have fallen. The Roman Empire has come and gone. Is it possible that The Elite, like so many superpowers of years past, could be turned to ashes? What lessons can we learn from history...
  18. J.n.c 1993

    Pnp Valor VS The Elite!

    Greetings everyone in this wonderful forum! I bring you all great news that brings more drama & excitement to Eta, you'll love it :P Now you are all probably thinking "James how could you go against the very thing you created" Well the answer is simple, Rygarr is holding a gun to my head and If...
  19. J.n.c 1993

    Update on current wars

    Hey everyone in Iota, I know I don't play this world but I thought I'll make a thread that shows the count of cities taken from the top 10 alliances. I'll try keep any mistakes to a minimum... Here we go: The Dirty Dozen Vs The Last One Standing - 94 - 3. TDD winning by 91 cities. The Dirty...
  20. J.n.c 1993

    Update on current wars

    Hey guys, I know I don't play Theta but I thought I'll do a thread for all of you counting the MAIN wars conquests of the top 15 alliances. If I miss any specific wars out then please let me know. Let's start: Alliance X Vs Jaguar Warriors - 36 - 108. Jaguar Warriors winning by 72 cities...