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  1. NutsNBoltz

    Tool to Collect from all farming villages at once?

    Hey, is there a tool that would allow me to collect from all my farming villages at once. I have never seen one out there, but going through all the farming cities takes AGES and the dev team still hasn't added a "farm all" button. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  2. NutsNBoltz

    Safe wishes

    To everyone on en122. Friend or foe, I wish you safety and health during this time. No one deserves to suffer through this, and the stress is very real. Let's come together and grepo during our time of quarantine, and let's all do everything we can to help friends and family. Be safe out...
  3. NutsNBoltz

    en115 - Are you looking for a Team?

    Hey there forums. I figured I'd put a feeler out. To those looking for a team, I'll be looking for applicants. If you use skype, don't mind spending some cash, and can deal with out teams.... personality, then my team might be for you. We're all special snowflakes here. We will drop and restart...